Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars- Asajj Ventress: Storm Over Ryloth [Guide]


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Storms Over Ryloth is chapter 4 in the Asajj Ventress Storyline in Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, and depending on if you are following our playthrough this will be your first Space Flying gameplay.

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Start by flying forward between the Republic and Separatist ships and head left toward the closest blue arrow, you’ll need to land your ship on the large red cross. Jump out of the cockpit and run over to the large double doors and when on the Jedi icon cut through the door. Next, use the Force to plug the power line into the socket next to the door.

Go inside the door you just opened and walk up the stairs, then jump in one of the gunning seats.There are Silver turrets on the ship you’ll have to blow up along with the ship.

Now fly your ship over to the other side of the Republic ship and land on the landing zone there. After hopping out, start by destroying the malfunctioning Vulture droid near the door and use the to build a switch next to the door’s power plug, then pull the switch to raise the bars over the port. Use the Force to plug the power in and open the door, just like on the other side of the ship.

Once inside the gunnery, run up the stairs again and jump into a turret, then take out the three silver turrets on the opposite ship just like before.

Fly back out into space and go behind the Republic cruiser to use the sub-light booster to fly up to the top of the ship and land on the left side of the command deck.

Hop out of you starfighter and take the ramp down onto the command deck and pull the switch on the left near the viewport. Once the thrusters engage, two more Separatist ships appear and in a little better shape then the one your on.

Head back to your ship and take a sub-light booster back down below and fly to the front of the ship, coming down on the landing pad there. Hop out of the cockpit one last time and pull the switch on the wall to power up the proton torpedoes.

Fly over the torpedos to load up, then fly toward one of the Separatist ships, following the purple arrows. Once in range of the three purple targets fire your torpedoes to take them out. Go back to the Republic ship to reload and repeat the process on the other enemy cruiser.

Now dock on each side of the Republic ship, (I know why do I have to do everything) and head back to the gunneries to take out the silver turrets on both Separatist ships.

Return to Top Lastly

Head back up to the top of the Republic ship via a sublight booster and take the ramp back down to the command deck. Take out the few battle droids on the bridge and pull the right-hand switch to engage the thrusters once more, destroying the droid command ship.


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