Yakuza 4 – Chapter 1, Part 1: The Mysterious Loan Shark [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the first part of chapter one in the Shun Akiyama part of the story, which is titled ‘The Mysterious Loan Shark’. Let’s get started!

Enjoy the short, yet sweet opening scene before getting into action. Go to the Hotel District once you gain control of your character. Before you get there, a mysterious old man will bump into you on the street. Talk to him, as well as the different people on the street with glowing triangles above their heads to get a few game play tips.

When you reach Theater Avenue, it will be time for your first battle. This will be a combat tutorial. Finish it up quick and proceed. Check your map and follow the mini map to your next destination.

You will come across Kamiyama, the weapons dealer on the northeast corner of the map. Take his catalogue and continue. Talk to all the citizens with blue triangles on their heads for some bonus exp. When you see the convenience store, walk to it and you will trigger a cut scene.

Take the first left turn and follow your next waypoint. Another tutorial will be waiting for you there. Some street punks will be blocking your way again here. Just follow the tutorial and take care of them.

After taking care of the punks proceed down the street and follow the waypoint towards the club. You’ll talk to the staff before hitting a cut scene.

First boss fight will be here. This battle is fairly simple. Grab the tables and chairs use them to hit the boss. When the boss glows red, be careful. That is when he will execute his more powerful attacks. Trying dodging them and attack from behind. Halfway through the battle, the boss will gain enough HEAT level to throw a HEAT attack at you. Simply follow the onscreen commands to dodge it and prepare your own HEAT attack.

There should be a health item in one corner of the room. Use it if you must. After the boss battle, a short cut scene will ensue. Leave the club and you’ll get a call. Make your way back to Sky Finance. Run and head down the alleyway until you finish the first chapter of the game.


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