Yakuza 4 – Chapter 1, Part 2: The One [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the second part of chapter one in the Shun Akiyama part of the story, which is titled ‘The One’. Let’s get started!

After the introduction, you’ll gain control of your character and you’ll find yourself on the southern edge of the map. Follow the minimap until you reach Tenkaichi street. If you want to avoid a lot of random fights, try walking instead of running and try avoiding the thugs along the street. You’ll also start to have more freedom to explore the area. Exploring, as well as talking to people and beating the crap out of thugs can earn you exp and money.

Small glowing lights scattered throughout the city are locker keys. These provide extra goodies if you pick them up and find the locker they open. Also, check out your menu and your abilities screen. You can purchase new skills and abilities here. Nothing essential here at the moment, just learn whichever sounds good to you and proceed.

Head back to Sky Finance and talk to the mysterious new client. Wait for the short cut scene to finish. While your character is taking a walk, you will have access to a safehouse. Before leaving the alley after the cut scene, you’ll get a call from your friend Kido. Follow your waypoint to find him.

There should be another call along the way, this one’s from Hana and it will be for an optional side story. When you reach Theater square, look for an ‘S’ symbol on the map. This indicates a save point. Look for one, save your game, and then proceed to the red building. Once inside, interact with the stairs and you will be ambushed by Yakuza hitmen.

This is a good time to learn good combat tactics. Pick on the ones outside the group first. Try not to get surrounded. Take out those with weapons with your heavier attacks, specifically heat attacks. After the fight, the police will arrive and surround you. A chase sequence will ensue.

Run! Follow the red line and keep moving. If the cops reach you you’ll have 2 options: press triangle for a special escape or press X. When your chase gauge is depleted it will be game over so take note of it. When you reach the two bridges, this will also be your first quick time event or QTE. Simply follow the on screen commands and you’ll be fine. After the chase, there will be another cut scene as the second chapter ends.


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