Yakuza 4 – Chapter 1, Part 3: Trouble in the Tojo Clan [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the third part of chapter one in the Shun Akiyama part of the story, which is titled ‘Trouble in the Tojo Clan’. Let’s get started!

You will gain control of your character in Theatre Square. Take your time and shop. You’ll enter into a conversation with some street punks and you’ll immediately enter into a fight. Take them out.

While talking to a military man on the street, Akiyama will be bumped and then pick-pocketed. Clearly, you have to give chase. This will be your first chase sequence wherein you are the one giving chase. The goal is to deplete his chase gauge. To do this, simply press Square to ram at him at close range, or Circle to throw bottles at him. There should also be an onscreen tutorial to follow. Also, during the chase there will be a couple of blue trash bins blocking the way. Press X near them to hop over them and gain on the crook.

Back on the building with the red roof, you will get a chance to talk to the trainer and unlock a new ability. After talking to him, follow your waypoint to the ground floor of the building. Head back to Sky Finance for another cut scene. After it, follow one of the way points to Le Marche; it’s on the southern edge of the city. There will be two options to pick up; pick whatever as they are both free. Next head to the underground mall entrance to Milestone. Pick whichever dress here as well. Send the stuff back to Lily and proceed to Club Elise, which is around the center of the city near Millennium Tower.

Upon entering, look for the elevator and take it to the Hostess Club. Change Lily into the dress and accessories you purchased and watch the cut scenes. Meet Lily after her shift at Theatre Square then follow the waypoint on your minimap all the way to Champion District. A short cut scene will ensue, followed by a fight with Yakuza hitmen.

Take out the hitman with the gun first. Once he’s down, pick up his crude pistol and use it to take out the remaining hitmen. After the battle, a short conversation will ensue. The chapter ends right after.


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