Yakuza 4 – Chapter 1, Part 4: The Promise [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the fourth part of chapter one in the Shun Akiyama part of the story, which is titled ‘The Promise’. Let’s get started!

This is the last chapter of the first part of the game, and the longest as well. Head to Club Elise to start micromanaging the club. You will be allotted 100,000 Yen to fund the hostess training. The goal here is to make Lily as appealing and as popular to customers as possible. Walk around the bar to hear the customers’ comments about Lily. If she is popular she will be sitting somewhere with a customer, while if she isn’t she will be sitting alone at the bar. After walking around you will be prompted to return to the dressing room in order to change Lily’s outfit. Do so if you want to. After making rounds a second or third time the minigame will end.

After the minigame, follow your waypoint to Champion District to Marimba club. The club will be closed, but the other club, Drama Queen will be open. Enter it and investigate. You will learn that the manager is dead at the back room. Move back to Sky Finance.

A cut scene will greet you here, as well as a new mission. Time to look for Mack. Once you see him, apprehend him. He will teach you about “Revelations”. A girl yelling on a rooftop will be in the area. Take a picture of her for your first revelation. Now take off towards the Theatre District.

Talk to the people on the streets and they will point you to some Yakuza thugs. Talk to the thugs to initiate a fight. After taking them out, they will provide you with a clue. Head south until you reach the area with the escalator and a few homeless men. Another clue here, now head to Millennium Tower and take the elevator.

Once you reach the Millennium Tower underground, follow the wall to your left until you reach an open passage. Take the stairs and enter the first door to your right. Take out the punks there and proceed upstairs. You will come across an old homeless man, after a short conversation he will join you. Take out the enemies in the area and use the old homeless man to your advantage. Continue onwards until your reach a locked door. Backtrack to the decrepit storefront down the hallway, and then towards the locksmith. Return to the locked door afterwards, all the while fighting all the punks that block your way.

Once the locksmith unlocks the door for you, you will be ambushed by the Purple Tracksuit gang, take them all out. A fat guy carrying a sofa will be blocking your way across the hall. Take him out with a well timed HEAT attack, as normal attacks won’t do anything to him. Interact with the locked door behind him to open it. Two goons and another fat guy behind the locked door, take out the goons first and save up the HEAT attack for the fat guy.

Another locked door after them, this time after opening it a group of thugs and scientist will be in the way. Take out the thugs. When the room is clear, move forward for a boss fight.

After the short cut scene, you will face Midorikawa. Dodge his bullets by quickstepping. If you’re hit, mash the X button to dodge his next shot. He’s quite easy, just rush towards him to take him out. Once he retreats, three bad guys will enter the room. Take them out. Midorikawa will get back to you with a chainsaw now. Wait for him to charge or to execute one of his combo animations, then quickstep towards his back and hit him back. Use the desks if need be. A short cut scene will ensue right after the fight. After it, head back to the Hostess Club for Lily’s last training day.

Head back to Sky Finance after the minigame to get Lily’s results. Take the briefcase to Millennium Tower and then return to Sky Finance. Once you get back, Hana will run away and it will be up to you to chase her. There will be a conversation once you get to her, followed by a phone call. Head back to Club Elise now.

Take out the thugs and prepare for the final battle of the first part. Minami is fast. And the only way you can beat him is to become faster than him. He will quickstep around your attacks and he will combo you down. Whenever you get a chance to combo him, finish it with a final blow to deal maximum damage. After a while he will start drinking. Whenever he takes out a bottle, attack him as he will be vulnerable. Keep at it and you’ll be fine.


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