Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars-Asajj Ventress Innocents of Ryloth [Guide]


To continue our Walkthrough Guides we are moving to chapter 5 of the Asajj Ventress story line, Innocents of Ryloth.

To begin this level immediately switch to the Rocket Clonetrooper and take out the large silver pillar on the left side of the wall. Next, switch to your commander trooper and use his ability to command the other clones, then direct them to fire on the gold pillar on the right side.

Next, have Obi-wan use the Force to guide one of the thermal detonators up the zig-zagging path to the droid gunners on top of both sides of the wall.

Now, assemble the turret mount with the pieces lying in the center of the area, next to the gold box, then switch to your commander trooper again and command the clones to fire on the box until it explodes. Reassemble those pieces into a turret gun and blast a hole in the wall to proceed to the next area.

Return to Top They’re Called Walkers for a Reason

Once you have made your way half way through the alley, assemble the Lego pieces and satellite dish to call down an AT-AP, then hop in and use it to destroy the droids and the large silver gate at the end of the path.

Now use the Rocket trooper and destroy the five silver fences that are blocking alcoves with orange switches sitting in front of pens.

In the next area, head to the left and blow the barricade off one of the doors there to release a probe droid, then destroy it. Next, run over to the right side of the closed gate and destroy the barricade there to find another probe droid, which you also need to destroy.

Go back to the front of the closed gate and reassemble the pieces of the probe droids you destroyed into two grapple points on either side of the gate, then grapple them both to open the gate.

Now the creatures are lose and running amuck and attack your squad. To calm them, you can either damage them enough that they fall (allowing you to ride them) or just use Obi-wan’s Force power to subdue them. Ride all five of them to the orange switches and pens to open up the next area.

Return to Top Prison Break

Once your in the next hallway, pull the second switch to open the second jail-cell, then switch to a clonetrooper and pull the two orange grapple points on the wall to access the adjacent cell.

Once in the next cell, use your rocket trooper to destroy the silver blocks and boulders blocking the exit, then switch to Obi-wan, cut a hole in the back wall and Force-push or just push the large box in the back corner down the track.

Head back out into the hall and knock down the two panels hanging on the right-hand wall, then use the Force to put them in place on top of the purple sections of the track.

Now push the block around the bend in the track and then up against the wall where the console is. Use a trooper and jump up on the block to use the console and open the door to the last area.

Return to Top Younglings

Once you enter the next area start by attacking the droid cannon on the right until you can use it, then shoot the normal and silver cannon on the opposite ledge. After the first two are down, run to the left and jump into the second cannon to take out the other silver one across from it.

After the third cannon goes down, a silver shielded tank will burst through the wall on the far side of the area. Run over behind it and pull the switch to deactivate its shield. Run back over to one of the cannons and shoot the tank until its silver armor explodes, allowing you to go in and destroy the ray shield it is projecting over the younglings.


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