Yakuza 4 – Chapter 2, Part 1: Flight for the Truth [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the first part of chapter two in the Taiga Saejima part of the story, which is titled ‘Flight for the Truth’. Let’s get started!
After the cut scene, you will be put straight into combat with the prison inmates inside the cafeteria. Take this time to practice your new character, Saejima. After clearing the area, move to the prison yard to look for a grappling hook.

Talk to the man near the save point and he will tell you what items you need to look for in order to construct your very own grappling hook. Look for three inmates standing around the weight set. Walk towards them and they’ll start a fight. Take care of them before the guards respond. Take the chain and go back to the man near the save point. Give him the chain and he’ll ask for a farm tool. Run back to the bleachers and you’ll notice two men standing behind it. Talk to both of them and one of them will ask you for a cigarette in exchange for a farm tool. Now go to the smoking man behind the basketball hoop and ask him for a stick. He’ll give it to you. Give it to the farmer inmate and he’ll ask for a light. Cross the yard and talk to the guard on the south of the save point. He’ll let you in another room. Turn left until you reach a dead end, there should be a lighter at the end of it. Go back and give the inmate a light. It will start a fight, take care of them and you should get the farm tool. Get it to the weapon modder to finally get a grappling hook.

Talk to Hamazaki near the bleachers and he’ll tell you to hide the grappling hook. Follow the waypoint southeast and you’ll come across a manhole. Interact with it to hide the grappling hook and a cut scene should ensue.

After the cut scene would be a boss fight against Saito. He’s a bit tricky. Quickly take out his escorts first. When he falls, grab his key and follow your waypoint into the deeper areas of the prison.

Up the stairwell will be another prison door, and when you get through will be another fight with Saito. Take him out. He will be doing the same moves but be careful as you’ll have a smaller space to run around. Take his keycard when he’s down and move to the wooden doors into the warden’s office.

Two guards will be blocking your way to the office, take them out. Follow the stairs to the roof of the building. Now a sniper will be aimed at you. The laser pointer will warn you when the sniper is going to take a shot (when it glows red). Immediately dodge when you see the laser glowing red. Just run forward and smash the destroyable doors up ahead. Move forward and there should be three guards waiting to ambush you. Use the crates as cover and take them all out. Keep moving forward, breaking all the doors you can break until you reach the sniper. Take him out. Now take care of the grenade thrower nearby and finally clear out all the other guards.

Follow the stairs into another room and take out the guards. Hamazaki will be helping you out. Proceed when finished. Once you reach the prison yard, run towards the man hole where your grappling hook is located and a cut scene will ensue. Saito will be coming for you again right after. Take out the guard with the pistol first and then all the other guards before taking care of Saito. Finish him off to end the chapter.


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