Yakuza 4 – Chapter 2, Part 3: The 25 Year Blank [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the third part of chapter two in the Taiga Saejima part of the story, which is titled ‘The 25 Year Blank’. Let’s get started!

Time to look for Sasai. Follow the waypoint to investigate. Explore the city and talk to the people. Be wary of the police and other figures that might recognize you as an escaped felon. When you come across a police officer you will enter a chase sequence. It might be quite tiring to keep running and running whenever you come across and officer so better start trying to avoid them.

Upon reaching the northeast alley, talk to the homeless man and he’ll tell you to look for Toku. Go to the underground mall and go buy some booze. When you find Toku, give him the booze and he will talk. Follow your waypoint to your old apartment. You will come across Kido on the roof, prepare for a chase. He’ll show you his hideout when you catch him.

In the Theatre Underground you’ll have more investigatory work to do. Head up the escalator and a homeless man will beckon you to follow him. Do so and he’ll lead you into the sewers. Take out the punks there for a short conversation. Run down the central sewage area and cross the bridge. Make an immediate right and talk to the homeless men. They’ll point you to the info dealer. Follow your waypoint to the northeast end of the map.

You’ll reach a dead end though. Talk to one of the construction workers across the M Store on Shichifuku Street for another waypoint, follow it. There should be a cut scene followed by a battle. Take out the punks to proceed. Remember to take out the armed ones first! After clearing them, interact with the nearby man hole to re-enter the sewers.

Follow the path straight ahead and keep following your waypoint. There should be a ladder at the end, take it to reach Purgatory Underground. Talk to Kage to enter the Underground Coliseum. Save up and talk to Kage again and choose the third option to earn some quick cash. Use this to prepare for the battle ahead. When you’re ready, talk to Kage again to begin the battle.

You will be fighting against Ivan, an MMA fighter. He is large and quick, so be wary of his attacks. Use charge attacks to take advantage of his weak moments. When he begins to glow, look out for his powerful but blockable attacks, as well as an unblockable Heat attack. He will become very aggressive once he reaches the lower half of his health bar, and will finally launch a counter-able Heat attack. Counter it to finally finish him off in a few more shots. Once he’s down, you’ll be through with Chapter 3.


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