Yakuza 4 – Chapter 2, Part 4: The Oath of Brotherhood [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the fourth part of chapter two in the Taiga Saejima part of the story, which is titled ‘The Oath of Brotherhood’. Let’s get started!
This will be the last mission for the 2nd part of the game. Once you gain control of your character, start going back to your hideout. Dodge the police as you go. Keep following the waypoint until you reach a manhole, go down back to the sewers and walk against the stream until you reach the ladder that leads to the Children’s Park. An old man will interrupt you once you get to the surface. Follow him for a substory or simply decline him to continue with the main story.

After leaving the dojo, you will discover that the police are now out in full force. Avoid the police at all costs. Follow the street west, south and then west again to get to Sky Finance. Take the fire escape and get through the alleyway. Follow the waypoint from entrance C to entrance E and keep moving and following the waypoint. Get out of the Pink Alley and head north towards the nearby parking lot. Walk by him and uncover the manhole to go underground.

Run up the elevator and take it to Millennium Tower Underground. Head west until you reach Theatre Underground. Enter the basement to get to your hideout. Be wary of the cops stationed nearby.

After the cut scene, return to the surface and leave the tunnel. Get back to Millennium Tower Underground and take the ladder to reach the parking lot. Now quickly make your way to the Millennium Tower. A battle will begin right as you enter the building with Minami and a few thugs. This battle will be quite easy just be sure to make the most out of your charge attacks as they are unable to block them. The weaker thugs will keep pouring into the arena until a certain point. A short cut scene will begin, and the tougher opponents will now start coming. Take them all out and eventually three even badder thugs will come in. These three have quite the health bar and can really be frustrating to pin down. Hit them hard and fast until the fall. Next up you will finally get the chance to beat Minami. This one’s quite easy, just avoid his low blow at all costs and you’ll be fine.

There should be another cut scene when Minami is down, and then another battle will start. This will be the final boss battle of the 2nd part of Yakuza 4. Majima is a lot tougher than most of the bosses you’ve fought so far. He is extremely fast and he will be able to not only dodge your attacks, but also quickstep around you and hit you from behind. Try to pick up the baseball bats scattered throughout the arena and put them to good use. They won’t last very long but they will certainly help. Focus on the defensive, and lunge in only when you’re sure he won’t be able to recover fast enough. When he releases the counter-able Heat attack, just follow the onscreen commands to hit him. Hit him with a Heat attack when he does the last Heat attack and you’ll finally end the part.


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