Yakuza 4 – Chapter 3, Part 1: The Parasite of Kamurocho [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the first part of chapter three in the Masayoshi Taniumura part of the story, which is titled ‘The Parasite of Kamurocho’. Let’s get started!
The first thing you gotta do once you gain control of your character is to simply start following your waypoint. Enter the mah-jong parlor and then the pawnshop. Buy two fake silver plates and run to the waypoint. Talk to the man by the counter and then the four men playing mah-jong, they will want the silver plates, give it to them. Next, head to the northeast parking lot and prepare for a fight.

You’ll have a new skill – press the L1 button to completely parry an attack. Use this to your advantage. Your opponent is pretty fast, but that’s about it. You have to take him out in under a minute, just go all out and you’ll be fine.

Leave the parking lot and head to Theatre Square. On the way will be a few thugs trying to mug a businessman, take them out fast and proceed. This will be a police scanner job, and it is also optional. Finish it up fast in order to get familiar with police scanner job, after that you will get a phone call.

Enter the Little Asia district and proceed following the waypoint. A short cut scene will interrupt you when you’re almost there. After the cut scene you will gain access to your main base. Continue heading towards the waypoint to Midori. A few thugs will attack you when you reach your destination. Take them all out to continue.

Time to rescue Yasuko. Take a cab to the Docks and prepare for a long chain of battles. Take out the guys in purple first as they are the most dangerous. They also wield weapons that are very deadly. After taking the thugs out, follow the waypoint until a timed event occurs. Press the correct combination of buttons to dodge the truck. You will be fighting another group of thugs here, take them all out and proceed.

Head towards the dock workers and take them all out as well. Another timed event here. Make sure you make it through. Now keep moving along the path until you run across some oil slicks. You will be ambushed by two knife throwers. They maybe scary, but they’re quite easy to manage. Take them both out. Another time event will begin after that, followed by another ambush by three heavy Yakuza guys. One of the thugs should be armed with a submachine gun. Stay back and try to take him out first.

After the battle, finish off another timed event and then run towards the warehouse. Another ambush here. Remember to take out the armed ones first in order to minimize the damage they can do to you. This will be a rather easy one, but can get a bit frustrating if the armed ones get the better of you. Take them out and end the first chapter.


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