Two Worlds II: Romance/Erotic Scene + Desert Rose Achievement/Trophy


You meet Reesa in Chapter 1 early on a main quest. The flirting starts out pretty quickly and it is obvious she becomes a main character in the story. You start to find out a little about here as things go on and find out she has a hidden agenda pretty soon. You continue to bump into her on quests until finally you are helping her out on her own plans, if your choice to help that is.


If you do NOT decide to help Reesa, you can talk to Valarin about your investigation and this will unlock Murders Investigation.

If you decide to help her and succeed, Reese will reveal more than just the truth about herself.

To “Reveal”, go inform Tongue that you are ready to finalize the transaction. You can find him with the help of the map that now has a place indicated. After that you head to the sewers to locate Reesa. Once you’re ready, head with her to the meeting point. A cutscene will start, after which you will learn who Mirage is.

If you refuse to help Reese, you can earn yourself a hefty prize of 30,000 auras. If you help her, you will have to kill Mirage and Tongue. To get your “reward”, you need to head back to Reesa’s place after the fight.


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