Yakuza 4 – Chapter 3, Part 2: The Mastermind [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the second part of chapter three in the Masayoshi Taniumura part of the story, which is titled ‘The Mastermind’. Let’s get started!
You will need to find Yasuko’s suitcase. It will be somewhere in the Central Parking Lot. As you leave Homeland you will be approached by a woman. You can train with her or pick another option for a substory. Once you’re through with her, head towards the parking lot. You will need to find a black sedan somewhere in the central north area of the parking lot. Its trunk will be faced outwards.

Once you find the sedan, contact Katsuragi. Leave the parking lot and you will receive a phone call followed by a picture. Now head to Kamurocho Rooftops East, which can be conveniently accessed from Pink Alley. On the roof, simply take the left path and use the wooden boards as a ramp. Cross it and just keep following the path until you come across a homeless man holding flowers. Talk to him to get the information you need. Now return to Homeland and rest up until the meeting.

After a cut scene, you will enter a battle with tons of Yakuza thugs. Use the suitcase to your advantage since it counts as an infinite weapon. Keep swinging it hard to clear out the whole area. Continue down the road, all the while taking out all the thugs that try to cut you down. Beyond the police car will be another group, keep hitting them and run. When you reach the Millennium Tower, there will be another group that will try to ambush you. Take them out and a chase sequence will begin. Keep running until the thug tires out, and then use your charge attacks to finish him off. There will be another group that will try to ambush you once you get your briefcase back. Swing it and take them all out.

Another chase sequence will proceed, this time you’ll need to run away. Be wary of the thugs that will try to block your path. Once the chase sequence ends you’ll be back in Little Asia, and another three goons will appear. Take them all out, prioritizing the weapon holders to finally end the chapter.


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