Yakuza 4 – Chapter 3, Part 3: Door to the Truth [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the third part of chapter three in the Masayoshi Taniumura part of the story, which is titled ‘Door to the Truth’. Let’s get started!

After the cut scene and the short conversation, you will be instructed to take a cab and head to the Police Headquarters. Do so and proceed. Once you get there, go to your office and look for the documents you need. Search three different stacks of papers and then when you get the on screen prompt, you’re good to go. Go back to Kamurocho. Once there, follow the waypoint back to Homeland.

There will be a little girl who will prompt you for help before reaching Homeland. Its a substory so it will be up to you if you want to go or not. She will also give you two healing items.

Head down south towards Senryo avenue if you chose to help her out. At the second junction, take a left and you will see a group of thugs surrounding Zhao. Take them out. They aren’t too hard to take down.

Now return to Homeland, unless you still want to continue the substory. Rest up and that will conclude the 3rd Chapter.


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