Yakuza 4 – Chapter 3, Part 4: As a Detective [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the fourth part of chapter three in the Masayoshi Taniumura part of the story, which is titled ‘As a Detective’. Let’s get started!
It’s time to return the 100 million yen to Akiyama, so head to Sky Finance to meet him. After the short cut scene, you will be in a conversation with Akiyama. Head to the Docks when you’re ready – take a cab.

Another cut scene will ensue once you reach the Docks. After the scene you will be in a chase sequence. This one will be quite different from the other chase sequences you’re familiar with. You will be riding a boat. Keep following Sugiuchi and fire pistol shots at him to try and slow him down. Stay close to his rear as possible, keeping close to his wake. Do not try to overtake him as he will easily overtake you again. Occasionally, he will try to slow you down by firing pistol shots at you as well. Keep this in mind. Shoot at him to prevent this.

In order to stop him, you will need to wait until he hits a long stretch. Then, press Square in order to collide with his boat. After slamming his boat enough times, you’ll catch him. A cut scene will occur after the chase sequence and he will fight you.

Sugiuchi is the final boss of Part 3. The first part of the battle will be plain and simple. He will launch timed event attacks; just follow the on screen commands to dodge them. After a while, the real battle will start. He is pretty easy to take down and the only clear advantage he has are his extra health bars. Watch out for his unblockable attacks though. Just keep at him and chain up those combos. When he knocks you down while in Heat mode, he will launch a dodgeable Heat attack right as you stand up. Use this to your advantage. Never stand around in front of him and exchange blows with him. Try quickstepping around his attacks in order to deal maximum damage. After taking him out, the 3rd Part of the Yakuza 4 game will be over.


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