Yakuza 4 – Chapter 4, Part 1: Reunion [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the first part of chapter four in the Kazuma Kiryu part of the story, which is titled ‘Reunion’. Let’s get started!

After the long cut scenes, you’ll have access to the hideout located at the orphanage. This will be your home base. Follow your waypoint and head to the beach and talk to Haruka there. There will be a few shorter cut scenes before you gain control of Kazuma again. You will be back at the orphanage. Talk to Hamazaki and he will tell you that you’ll need to go to the police station. Talk to him again when you’re ready to go.

The next set of cut scenes will lead you to an abandoned office. Once you gain control of your character, you will be in a battle against the prison guards looking for Hamazaki. You will be fighting Saito again here. You should check out Kazuma’s move set first before continuing, he should know be able to access most of his moves. Use this to your advantage as he is a born killer. His moves are a combination of all the previous characters. Take out the outer guards first and the lower level ones. They are pretty easy to clear. Saito will not put up much of a fight if you go all out at once. Dodge his baton attack and quickstep behind him to create an opening.

After clearing the area and before leaving the hallway, pickup the healing item in the side room. Head to the next floor and you’ll be facing the big sofa dude. Go all out immediately to lessen the pain. Head to the lockers and there should be two guards just standing there waiting for the beating of there lives. Don’t make them wait any longer! There should be another guard at the end of the hallway. He’s armed with a pistol, rush towards him and don’t let him get a shot off.

Head down the stairs for a timed event, and then Saito will ambush you. This time, he has more health than he used to. He’s still the same old Saito though. Look for the weapons scattered in the area where you fight him. They’re pretty good to use with HEAT attacks. When you take him out, the chapter will end.


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