Yakuza 4 – Chapter 4, Part 4: Chain of Betrayals [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the fourth part of chapter four in the Kazuma Kiryu part of the story, which is titled ‘Chain of Betrayals’. Let’s get started!

This will be the longest stretch of combat in the game, so prepare for the fight of your life. Time to head to Kamurocho Hills. Enter through the west park bathroom. Once you’re ready, go through the back door of the men’s bathroom.

First battle starts right as you enter. There will be a few gangsters as well as a big fat guy with a sledgehammer named Horie. Take out the lowly gang members first and work your way towards Horie. Be wary of his attacks as they are extremely powerful. After taking out the weaker ones, take out the knife wielders and work your way towards Horie. He’s not that hard to put down, but remember to dodge his attacks.

Cross the construction grounds once Horie is down and dash towards the Yakuza thug with a gun. Take him out and enter through the gate of the large building where you’ll be in another fight.

Nakanowatari fights almost like Saito. He will be accompanied by a handful of large thugs. They’re pretty tough, but you should take them down first so you can focus on Nakanowatari. Dodge his attacks while you take out the others. Once Nakanowatari is down, follow him into the atrium and you’ll be in another fight. Another five huge henchmen will attack you; they’re pretty easy to deal with. Take out the guy with the steel knuckles last as you’ll need to concentrate when fighting him.

Once they’re down, knock down the barrier and proceed. Take the escalator and immediately turn right into the open shop where Nakanowatari will be waiting with a few friends. Take out his henchmen fast before trying to take him. Build up your Heat gauge and throw the Heat attacks at him. Be on the look out for the weapons scattered here as they can help you deal major damage.

Continue through the door heading to the balcony, there should be another pistol wielding goon here, take him out. Enter the hall and turn right and head to the stairwell where you’ll need to turn left inside. Go up and head up into the balcony and into another open shop for another fight.

Take out the armed ones first, but be wary of Suzumiya. He is armed with a shot gun and can pack a punch. Take cover as you take out his henchmen and you’ll take him out easily later. He is very soft and can be staggered, use this information wisely.

Proceed after taking him out and you’ll reach another barrier. Take out the two pistol wielding thugs there and turn left into the elevator lobby. Suzumiya will be here again with a new gun, take out the thugs and a few more will come from the elevator. Take them all out before trying to take on Suzumiya. When he’s done, use the elevator.

Once you’re out, a submachine wielding Yakuza will be waiting for you. Run from cover to cover until you are able to reach him and take him out. Knock down the door behind him and take out the two thugs on the other side. Continue down the hall until you reach an intersection, take the right path. Take down the door and head left. Take out the thugs here and head towards the door to your right.

Another intersection of doors, smash through the left one and take out all the goons standing in your way. Once you reach the exit door, there should be another ambush. Look out for the timed event and follow the on screen commands. This time, look out for the miniboss and take him out fast. He’s the one armed with a pistol. Take him out and use the pistol against his henchmen. Take them all out and pick up the key from one of them. Take the stairs and proceed.

The last ambush of the chapter, all four of the minibosses you’ve fought so far will be here. Take on shot gun guy, Suzumiya first. The best way to do this is to simply go all out on him ASAP since he’s pretty soft. Drag the other guys away from Horie afterwards, as he’s pretty slow. Remember to pick up their weapons once they’re out. Once you’re done, take the path to the roof and end the last chapter of the fourth part of the game.


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