Yakuza 4 – Finale: Requiem [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the finale of Yakuza 4, which is titled ‘Requiem’. Let’s get started!

You will now be able to switch between all four characters. Finish up all unfinished business you need to. Switch between the characters and have them stock up on healing items and other necessities. Get a bullet proof vest for Tanimura. Take this time to finish the substories you want to. Once you’re ready, go to New Serena and talk to Date.

The first fight will be Akiyama VS Arai. He’s pretty fast. You cannot overpower him so better keep dodging and hitting him when he’s preparing for another attack. He can easily quickstep around your attacks as well, keep that in mind. He doesn’t block as much. He has two levels of Heat, red and blue. Every time he is in Heat mode, he will be more powerful and will try to hit you with a counterable Heat attack when you’re trying to stand up.

Second fight will be Saejima VS Kido. He has these massive combination attacks that will take a huge chunk out of your life when he catches you off guard. Remember that it will be better to dodge his attacks rather than block them since his finishing blows are always unblockable. His Heat mode is extremely powerful as well. His Heat attack is a lunging grab, and you’ll take massive damage. Its unblockable, so be on the look out. If you’re caught, mash X to get out fast. His other Heat attack is a chain of combos. He’ll be yelling while trying to hit you. Dodge and prepare to give him a combo of your own once he’s through. He will regenerate his health bar twice, nothing you can do there. After the last one, you’ll enter a timed event. Finish him off.

Third fight will be Kazuma VS Daigo Dojima. He’s a pretty powerful brute, no wonder he’s the chairman. His moves are almost similar to Kazuma, as well as the damage. His guard is breakable only when not in Heat mode, keep that in mind. Build up your Heat gauge by being aggressive. No tricks here, just go all out and hope for the best. This is the most action packed boss battle ever. His Heat attack is counterable, just follow the on screen commands.

The last fight will be between Tanimura and Munakata. Munakata will be with a team. Take out the unarmed bodyguards first as they’re pretty easy to put down. Make sure you have a bulletproof vest as Munakata will be shooting at you from afar. Once you take out the unarmed bodyguards, the elite guards will start moving towards you. Take them out. Keep in mind that you can easily grab all of the bodyguards, use this to your advantage. The guards can launch a Heat attack that can easily be countered in order to deal damage. Build up your Heat gauge fast and take them all out. Remember that even the captain bodyguard can be grabbed. Once the guards are down, Munakata will start running around. Just keep running towards him and hit him a few times. This should be a piece of cake. Take him out and the game will finally be over.


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