God Eater Burst Weapons [Guide]


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In God Eater Burst, your weapon is your best friend. Your goal is to hunt and kill monsters. To do so, you need to acquire the best weapon that best suit your character.

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Sniper – with an average firing rate at 25% OP with cost reduction for laser type of Oracle bullets. This specializes in Pierce bullets

Assault – a kind of gun that can handle both Crush and Pierce bullets. Having the fastest firing rate and without OP cost reduction for an Oracle bullet.

Blast – this kind of gun specializes in Crush bullets. But with the slowest firing rate, OP cost reduction is at 25% for crush type of Oracle bullets both on explosive and radial.

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Short – very good for Pierce and Sunder. Short blade have the fastest attack rate. This allows cancels into Jumps or Steps at anytime during a combo. If used in the ground, combo can reach a maximum of 5 hits. If used in air attacks, 3 hits at maximum.

Long – specializes in Sunder. With an average attack rate however, has slow Impulse Edge. This single bullet fires for every cast when in Blade mode (press R + Square). Bullets are fixed; it depends on the weapon used. This may be of a single element like in Divine, Blaze, Spark and Freeze. Can either be a Shot, Bomb or Radial. In ground use, this can reach 4 maximum hits; an air attack can have 2 hits at maximum.

Buster – this blade specializes in both Sunder and Crush, however, with the slowest attack rate. Can do extreme damage attack when crush charge. But, charging a crush attack can take a while. During the charging time, layers are vulnerable and immovable. If the charge is not complete, only a normal attack will be released. 3 combo hits is maximum for ground attacks and only 1 hit combo for air attacks.

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Buckler – this type of shield has the lowest defense rate but with the fastest deployment rate and consuming the lowest stamina too. This allows the greatest damage to go through players during “on guards”.

Shield – a modest defense rate with an average deployment rate too. An average stamina is consumed as well. This takes moderate damage during a player’s guard.

Tower – this has the highest defense rate with the slowest deployment rate. This uses the player’s stamina in a large amount when used. However, no damage will be received using this shield while “on guard”.


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