Dragon Age II – Dual Weapon Rogue Build [Guide]

Dragon Age II

The cool thing about rogues in Dragon Age 2 is how ninja-like they’ve become. With Bioware’s shift towards more combat-focused gameplay, the emphasis on getting your character build just right has become more pronounced. This can never be more true when it comes to the Dual Weapon Rogue.

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This rogue build has only one aim — maximum damage. This specific build lets you do significant burst damage that can take out enemy lieutenants and make bosses actually go “ouch” instead of “that tickles”. The auto-attack is decent enough for you to carry through, but may feel a bit mediocre when it comes to taking out mobs of cannon fodder. Also, you may not have as much HP as you’d want to. You may also not have as much stamina since most of it will be used for your sustained and activated skills. However, that’s a small price to pay for how much damage you can dish out on the enemy with this build.

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The build focuses on the two most powerful talents in the rogue’s arsenal — Twin Fangs and Assassinate. These both do great burst damage, and most elite enemies won’t survive this one-two punch, especially when used with Mark of Death. Other talents are either just prerequisites or to fill the gaps between cooldown times. There are also other talents that boost your damage, which are always good.

It would be great if you can buy Maker’s Sigh from the Black Emporium to reset your build since you don’t really need Miasmic Flask, even though it’s compulsory in the first time around. Get as many Tomes of Technique as you can and level as quickly as possible since the main priority is to get those two talents and the others that support them.

Once you’ve gotten all the core talents, you may get Enduring Mark for those really touch bosses to lower damage resistance. You’d also want any upgrades that make you less of a target to draw fire away from you and help you survive. Then, you can get talents like Perforate to use Backstab more often. While it’s not as powerful as your higher tier talents, it’s still holds its weight.

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Unlike with other classes, distributing stat points is pretty straightforward with rogues. You are to concentrate on two stats — Dexterity and Cunning. You rely on critical damage, so boosting these two goes a long way. Attack, damage, critical chance, and critical damage is what you’re looking for here. Perhaps you may want to boost your HP a bit with some Constitution, but not too much that you sacrifice your offense, which is your main priority.

Lockpicking and trap disarming relies on every 10 Cunning. So for example, if you’re looking to pick Complex chests, you must have 30 cunning. Since you’re looking to have as much critical damage as you can, you might even exceed that so there’s no problem there. As for equipment, rogue armor pieces do have both Dexterity and Cunning requirements that are roughly equal.

Willpower will be necessary for you to have enough stamina to perform all your abilities as much as possible before you have to drink a potion. Perhaps 20 Willpower should suffice, as well as 20 Constitution for your HP. If you feel that it’s too much, then don’t put as much by all means. Just make sure that you’re prepared to address the problems in not putting as much as you should in those stats.

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The main thing to remember while in a battle is to never let enemies focus on you. Have your tanks draw their offense away from you so that you’ll survive and get to work. That means you’re never in front, which is where the tank should be. While you can deal a lot of damage, you can’t take it too well. Take out enemy archers with whoever is close to them as their arrows can hit you from afar.

Micromanage your rogue around enemies and get the best position possible before you start swinging your daggers. The worst thing for you is to get swarmed, which is a death sentence as soon as it happens. If you’re going into a room, don’t rush into the middle. Open the door and lure them to the doorway where you can bottleneck them and pick them off one by one.

Survival is a major priority, so don’t be skimpy on potions and use them. Remember that you can always buy more, but dying only means “Game Over”.

Your mages and DPS can take care of mobs, so just single out the strongest enemies in the vicinity and do your duty. Generally, you’ll be going for mages or those with the highest HP. With that said, don’t stop once those targets are dead as cannon fodder are still enemies anyway. If you have 1 HP and a weak-looking enemy hits you, you will still die. That’s not smart at all.

Dual weapon rogues are very equipment dependent, but it’s no good if you keep buying equipment before you really need it. Only start shopping on Act 3 since you’ll have lots of money by then. Resale value of items are insanely low, so there’s no way you can just recoup your losses.

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Handling a dual weapon rogue can be quite a challenge. You may want to experiment with the abilities in order to get a good feel for them. If you have the Black Emporium DLC, experimentation is absolutely alright. A bottle of Maker’s Sigh is pretty cheap, so there’s no need to regret anything. You’ll mostly focus on the Assassin specialization, but there are a few helpful skills in the Duelist specialization as well. There is a lot of mixing and matching when it comes to rogues, so prepare to tinker around to get the right combination.


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