Portal 2 – Overclocker Achievement/Trophy [Guide]


Complete Test Chamber 10 in 70 seconds.

Watch the video here: Overclocker Achievement/Trophy Guide

First you have to familiarize yourself with this level. You don’t have to be in a hurry at the start. Go easy and complete the level a few times at a regular pace until you are very familiar on what to do. Now here’s a guide to help make it easy for you.

Once the door of the elevator opens, go straight, and climb up the stairs.

Once you pass through the door, turn around and pop up a Blue Portal on top. Turn around again, go jump down the edge and quickly place an Orange Portal on where you will drop.

You will see yourself flying on top and find a companion cube. Get the companion cube, and drop down below on the Orange Portal again.

Then you will be falling from the top, look into your left and use the Aerial Faith Plate. You will be leaping on top of another level. Now place the companion cube to block the laser on the left. Look straight and place a Blue Portal on the wall on the other end.

Go back down and use the Aerial Faith Plate again. You will find yourself leaping and hitting another Aerial Faith Plate until you make it on the third floor.

Once you reach the third floor, look left and place an Orange portal on the wall. On the right, go push the switch, turn around wait for Redirection Optical Cube to pop up in the air and quickly grab it.

Go down on the level below, place the Redirection Optical Cube beside the Companion Cube that is blocking the laser. Make sure to aim the laser on switch in the Blue Portal that you’ve created earlier.

Now pick up the Companion Cube, go down and use the Aerial Faith Plate again. This time you will be hitting two more Aerial Faith Plates. Once you hit the final Faith Plate, turn around place the Companion Cube on the button.

Completing this within 70 seconds will earn you 30G Points and a Turret Shirt Avatar for the Xbox 360. And you will get a Silver trophy for the PlayStation 3.

Watch the video here: Overclocker Achievement/Trophy Guide


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