Portal 2 Chapter 1: The Courtesy Call Walkthrough [Guide]


Now I know we put a lot of guides on this site, some you may need more than others but if there is one game in existence that requires a guide more it is Portal 2. So bring this page up start playing and when you are about to snap and GlaDOS is about to make you break look down and know we got you.
In this guide were loking at Chapter 1: The Courtesy Call.

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As the game begins you are in a small room that looks similar to a hotel room. A computerized voice will fill you in on how to move, then put you back to sleep. Upon waking up it appears like things have gotten out of control. The room is now decayed, as if a significant amount of time has gone by. There’s a banging on the door, this will introduce you to Wheatley, a sentient robotic sphere that will help you escape from the facility. Follow his instructions as he attempts to break you out of your room.

After you get out of your room, you’ll be in your cell from the original game. A Portal will open, allowing you to escape. In the next room, pick up the Cube and place it on the Pressure Button to get the exit door open. Walk through it.

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You’ll need to activate another Pressure Button with a Cube, the catch being they’re in two different rooms. The red switches open Portals to the rooms, so press the button to the right room to have a Blue Portal appear and step through the Orange Portal to enter the room.

Go back out with the Cube, then hit the opposite switch to create another Blue Portal. Enter this room and place the Cube on the button. Finally, head back out and hit the switch to create a Blue Portal, walk through the Orange Portal one more time and exit through the door.

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Wheatley and you will reunite for a moment. The Portal gun you grab will only shoot blue portals, use it to get to the stairs. Follow the stairs up to the next dilapidated testing area. An Orange Portal will be provided for you. All that is left is to make an exit by creating and walking through a Blue Portal. Repeat this to reach the exit door ahead.

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In this area, there’s a pit in the room that has a Cube. Fire a Blue Portal at the Cube to allow it to exit through the provided Orange Portal. Pick up the Cube and place it on the Pressure Button. Exit to the next test.

The next testing area has two platforms and a pit. Next to the far platform is an Orange Portal. Make a Blue one and get on this platform. There is a cube on the other platform across from you; use your Portal Gun to reach the cube via a Blue Portal. Place the Cube on one of the Pressure Buttons. Look down in the pit to see a new Cube. Use the same technique to obtain this Cube and place it on the vacant Pressure Button to have the open the exit.

You might appear to be trapped here, but if you look up, an Orange Portal will be on the ceiling beyond the glass. Make a Blue Portal and step through it. The glass will break and you’ll be on your way.

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Some delicate timing will be required for this room. Start by hitting the switch below the Orange Portal; this will drop a Cube onto a platform in the corner of the room. Shoot a Portal underneath this Cube to get it to exit out of the Orange one. A set of stairs will rise once you place it on the pressure button.

Now go up the stairs to the two switches. The one on the right activates a wall, the switch on the left drops another cube on top of an angled wall panel. Slap a Blue Portal at this panel, then hit the left switch to drop a Cube. Immediately hit the right switch to activate the wall to stop the Cube. Pick up this second Cube and place it on the second Pressure Button. After the gate opens you can exit.

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This room will introduce you to using your falling momentum to span gaps. Notice that the provided Orange Portal is high up; make a Blue one and fall through. The exit door is powered by a Pressure Button and the Cube that you need to place on that button is unreachable from where you’re at. You’ll see there is a pit in the room; you need to fall into the pit and fire a Blue Portal right before landing. You’ll come flying out of the Orange Portal and your momentum will send you to the other side.

After you get on the other side go to the glass box where the Cube is and fire Blue Portal under it. The Cube should now be in the pit. Hop back down into the pit, grab the Cube, and make a Blue Portal on the ground to exit the pit. In order to get the cube onto the button, you need to do the falling momentum trick again, only this time while holding the Cube. Place the Cube on the Pressure Button.

There is something very similar in the next room. An Orange Portal will open up at the bottom of the pit in front of you. Look to your left and create a Blue Portal on the angled wall, then drop through the Orange one. When you land on the other side of the room, turn around and create a Blue Portal on the wall panels on the opposite side. Grab the Cube near you and drop through the Orange Portal. You should now be on the opposite side. The red Pressure Button is behind a panel of broken glass. Follow the walkway around to place the Cube on the Button and then exit this area.

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After this the story amps up when you’ll meet back up with Wheatley and he guides you to the facility’s exit. Follow his instructions until you reach GLaDOS’ chamber. Wheatley will un willingly re activate GLaDOS, after she will drop you into the incinerator and will lead you to the Dual Portal Gun. Follow her and you’ll be onto chapter 2.


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