Portal 2 Chapter 2: The Cold Boot Walkthrough [Guide]


Ok ok i’ll try to get these things up as fast as I can for all you gamers out there who are completely stuck thanks to GLaDOS and here crazy experiments. In this guide were gonna look at Chapter 2: The Cold Boot. Pretty much GLaDOS is back up and running and has you back in your paces as you find your way through the decaying remains of Aperture Laboratories.

Return to Top Test Chambers 1 and 2

Bring on the lasers as we start this chapter. Submerged just below the water’s surface is a platform. Fire an Orange Portal where you see the laser hitting the ground. Shoot a Blue Portal right above the laser receiver. The laser should hit the receiver and power the lift. Exit the room to the next test, easy.

In Chamber 2 we’re gonna be introduced to Redirection Cubes. In a corner of this room behind some corroded metal is the first Redirection Cube. Fire a Blue Portal under the Cube, then an Orange one anywhere so the cube will be within reach. Once you have the Redirection Cube, place it in the path of the laser so that it redirects the beam to the receiver on the wall. This will power the steps leading to the Pressure Button on the upper level.

Walk up to this area and fire an Orange Portal at the floor near the Button. When you step through, you should be in the space where the Redirection Cube was. Hit the Switch here to have another Cube drop which destroys the first Cube. Don’t worry just grab the new Redirection Cube and head back through the Blue Portal. Take this Redirection Cube and place it on the Button to open the door.

Return to Top Test Chambers 3 and 4

First thing you’ll see is the two lasers in this room, one higher than the other. You should also see a Redirection Cube above you. Fire a Blue Portal at a wall near you, then an Orange one above the platform where the Cube is and drop through. Once here, fire an Orange Portal at where the top laser hits the wall, then another right below the receiver near you. Now the exit has half its power. Take the Redirection Cube and go to the raised platform in the middle. Use the Cube to redirect the lower laser to the receiver on the wall. Exit to the next Test Chamber.

As soon as you enter the next area fire an Orange Portal at the wall to your left, then a Blue one at the wall in the far corner. You’ll find a Switch here that will drop a Cube for you. From here, fire a Blue Portal where the laser meets the wall. This should power the platform that will arrive shortly. Grab the Cube and ride the platform across the poisonous water. You can hop over the laser beam or use the Cube to block it, but if the beam is cut the platform will stop. Once you reach the other side, place the Cube on the Button and exit this Test Chamber.

Return to Top Test Chambers 5 and 6

We are gonna add another dynamic in these chambers, the Aerial Faith Plates. There are three Aerial Faith Plates in this test. Step on the one directly in front of you and catapult to the other side. Hit the Switch here to release a weighted Cube. You should see it bouncing on that middle Faith Plate. This will take some timing since you’ll have to jump back but catch the bouncing cube in flight. Jump back over to the other side, place the Cube on the Button, and exit the Test Chamber.

In Chamber 6 you will want to start by going to the corner of the room and looking at the two angled panels. Shoot a Blue Portal on the left panel and an Orange Portal on the right one. Now, proceed to step on the first Faith Plate. You will end up next to a Switch. Before activating it, take a look at the Button across from you, fire an Orange Portal at the ceiling above it. Hit the Switch and wait for some junk to fall through the tube. It is junk just as GLaDOS says. When the Cube finally arrives, hit the Switch again to send it on its way across the Faith Plates. It should fall right on top of that Button. Exit this Test Chamber.

Return to Top Test Chambers 7 and 8

GLaDOS likes to play a little game with you here, when she finally allows you to use a Cube, block the laser to lower the lift. To raise it again, move the Cube off the laser’s path with your Portals. On this level, you’ll see two panels angled up. Fire a Blue Portal at the left panel, then drop back down to grab your Cube. Use an Orange Portal on the floor to climb through the angled panel. On the second level, you need to drop down through the Orange Portal you made on the floor to use your momentum to launch yourself to where the Button is.

Once you’ve made it to the Button, place the Cube on it to activate the door. Then, fire a Blue Portal at the left angled panel, then drop down again through the Orange Portal at the bottom. This will launch you to where the exit door is.

In Test Chamber 8, cross the Emancipation Grill and hit the Switch. This will cause a Redirection Cube to fall. Since you can’t bring the cube through the Grill, use the hole in the wall to create a Blue Portal, then make an Orange one on your side and step through. Take this Cube and aim the laser at the receiver on the wall, then exit this Test Chamber. And we’re on to Chapter 3!


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