Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Count Dooku 2- Gungan General [Guide]


In continuing with our guides for Lego Star Wars III: The CLone Wars, we’re moving on to chapter 2 in the Count Dooku Storyline, Gungan General.

Once you start the stage, hop on one of the Skalders, which are the animals grazing everywhere, and head to the right where you’ll find a Separatist zone containing a cannon and ray shield projector. Use the Skalder’s attack, your own melee or swipe an enemy vehicle and destroy the ray shield dish, then the droid cannon.

Next, find an enemy speeder or tank they are usually roaming around, a few hits and the pilot will bail. Hop on and drive over to the middle Separatist zone to pick up a proton torpedo which you’ll need these to take out the three generators.

The middle generator will be a little easier than the others since it is not protected by a ray shield.

Swipe another tank or cannon until you can use it, then take out both silver ray-shield dishes on either side of the area. This will open up the shields for a proton blast, there will be pink crosshairs indicating a lock-on. Hitting a generator pylon that still has units inside the build zone will cause it to arc out a blast of electricity, destroying units even if they’re ray-shielded – a quick and easy way to take out droid cannons.

Now just finish off the other defenseless tower and were off to the next level.


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