Portal 2 – Pit Boss Achievement/Trophy [Guide]


Pit Boss
Show that pit who’s boss

Watch the video here: Pit Boss Achievement/Trophy Guide

This achievement can be done at the beginning of Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You.

You will begin in the middle of the pit in front of Wheatley. Place a Blue Portal on the white wall to your left just behind Wheatley and you will notice a Conversion Gel is dropping down on the surface below him.

Place an Orange Portal there, then the  Conversion Gel will be coming right at you, making the floor color white on where you are standing. So make an Orange Portal below you, then you will be popping out on the other side.

You will be seeing the Death Trap spikes smashing the floor to where you were standing before. Wheatley will be looking for you and he will ask you to come back.

So what you do here is just do what he asks you to do. Come back and he will be surprised. Then he will ask you to jump into the pit. Well just jump in there, even Wheatley would not think you’re going to do that.

Doing this achievement will earn you 30G for the Xbox 360 and a Bronze trophy for the PlayStation 3.

Watch the video here: Pit Boss Achievement/Trophy Guide


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