NBA 2K11 – Passing Tips [Guide]

NBA 2K11

NBA 2k11 has got to be one of the most innovative and most realistic basketball game of all time. Incredibly beautiful graphics, extremely detailed player actions – these are only the visuals. NBA 2k11 has brought the NBA franchise closer to the fans by bringing the adrenaline pumping action right at your fingertips.

Probably one of the most improved aspects of the 2K franchise is the passing game. It is by far one of the most creative innovations of the game. The biggest, most obvious improvement would probably come from receiving a pass while in motion, especially cross court passes. You can actually see the player struggling to catch the ball, even lose balance. Moreover, this is also an opportunity for the defense to force a turnover. Also, players no longer need to stop in order to catch the ball, they can receive the ball while in motion, making room for better, more efficient plays. The only problem with this system is probably the lack of the AI operating the automatic passing system. Sometimes when a player cuts to the basket and you try to throw the ball to him by pressing the pass button, it will result in a cross court pass towards a player far away and even tightly defended. Of course, this can easily be remedied by using the direct pass feature.

Of course, there is also another way around this – right stick passing. Simply press and hold the right shoulder bumper and then proceed to move the analog stick in the direction of the intended receiver. Easy as pie! Using this technique it will be much easier to throw more accurate passes and eliminate the risk of turnovers. This also helps when the plays are tight. Plus, this lessens the chances of wild passes, as well as mistaking a player for another while using icon pass.

Total Control Passing is also something new the 2K franchise has given its fans. Total control passing works by giving you control over the player you intend to pass the ball to before actually passing it. To perform this, press the right shoulder bumper and then select the player you want to pass the ball to. Keep holding the icon pass command even after selecting the player then you will have two options. Either release the icon pass command in order to pass the ball to the player, or release the icon pass command button while still holding the icon of the intended receiver to temporarily take control of the player. Let go in order to receive the pass.

These tips are extremely helpful if you want to take your game to another level. 2k11 is definitely a must have for all you NBA fans out there, sometimes its even more fun just playing 2k11 than actually watching the NBA!


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