Portal 2 – Bridge Over Troubling Water Achievement/Trophy [Guide]


Bridge Over Troubling Water
Complete the first Hard-Light Surfaces test

Watch the video here: Bridge Over Troubling Water Achievement/Trophy

This achievement is actually part of the story and you won’t miss it. This is on Chapter 3: Test Chamber 11. If you are having problems finishing this level, well here’s a walkthrough guide on how to finish it.

When you reach the Hard Light Bridge, shoot a Blue Portal at the end of it and then shoot an Orange Portal on the other side, next to the exit door, to create a bridge.

You will be using most of the Orange Portal since the Blue Portal needs to be stationary at end of the Hard Light Bridge.

Now cross the bridge, press the switch and you will notice companion cubes will start to drop on the water.  Now you have to figure out a way to get the cube.

Go back in the middle of the Hard Light Bridge, and you will notice that there’s a way to get to the companion cube. If you look behind, there’s a wall, you can shoot an Orange Portal there then you will land on the Hard Light Bridge.

Now turn around and make your way down by just using your Orange Portal until you get to the Companion Cube.

Once you got the companion cube, just go through the Orange Portal to get back to your original location.

Facing the switch on the other side, look on your right and shoot an Orange Portal high on the wall. Make sure that the Hard Light Bridge will reach the button on the left.

Bring the companion cube, go through the Portals cross the bridge and place it on the button. The Exit Door is now open. You should be able to find your way back there.

You will get 10G points for the Xbox 360 and a Bronze trophy for the PlayStation 3.

Watch the video here: Bridge Over Troubling Water Achievement/Trophy


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