Portal 2 Chapter 3: The Return Walkthrough [Guide]


In moving on with our walkthrough guide for Portal 2 we move on to Chapter 3: The Return.

Return to Top Test Chamber 9 and 10

At the beginning of this chamber head over and stand on the Aeriel Faith Plate. It will only shoot you straight up but you will see that our good friend Weatley is in fact still alive. GLaDOS will use this moment to remark on your weight and will repair the plate a few times. finally she will just lower the ceiling.

After GLaDOS lowers the ceiling for you, fire an Orange Portal at it, then a Blue one on the ceiling on the higher level. Launch yourself from the Aerial Faith Plate and you will end up on that higher level. You’ll see a laser before the angled panels.

Fire a Blue Portal at the panel furthest from you, then go back down and jump on that Faith Plate again. This time you’ll end up next to a Switch. Press it to drop a Cube. Fire a Blue Portal at the other angled panel and jump on the Faith Plate again. Grab the Cube and use it to bend the laser beam towards the standalone wall. On the opposite side of this wall is the receiver.

Use the Faith Plate to get back up to that higher level. Here you can use your Portal Gun to allow the laser beam to hit the receiver.

As you enter chamber 10 you’ll notice a wall panel toying with the cube you need.Start by launching yourself from the Faith Plate on the floor. When you land, fire a Blue Portal at the wall facing the area where the Cube is, then fire an Orange Portal at the ground below. Drop through and grab the Cube. Make a Blue Portal down in the pit below and drop yourself and the Cube through it. You should now be back near the Faith Plate. With Cube in hand, launch yourself from the Plate. You can lower the divider by using the block to, well block the laser.

Drop back down and launch yourself again and when you stop, hit the Switch nearby to receive a Redirection Cube. You will see a receiver on the wall nearby so shoot a Blue Portal at the wall opposite of the receiver. Take the Redirection Cube and swap it for the other Weighted Cube. Aim the beam at the corner wall on the other side and fire an Orange Portal at it. This will cause the laser to hit the receiver on the level above you. Grab your Weighted Cube and jump on the Faith Plates again. When you land near the exit door, place the Cube on the Button.

Return to Top Test Chambers 11 and 12

Start this chamber off by shooting a Blue Portal at the wall touching the Hard Light Bridge. Look across the gap and shoot an Orange Portal at the wall to the left of the exit door. This should create a Bridge spanning the gap. Cross the gap and activate the switch. You will notice that the Cubes are falling directly into the poisonous water. What’s a test subject to do.

From where the switch is, fire an Orange Portal at the right wall so that it creates a Bridge going into the recess in the opposite wall. Drop down onto this bridge and follow it to the end. Turn left and use an Orange Portal to create another bridge below you. You should then fall onto this new bridge. You will be able to see the Cubes dropping now, so make another Orange Portal and extend the bridge so that you can reach the Cube. Grab it and pass through the Orange Portal.

As you can see the button that the box needs to be on is across the room. From where the Light Bridge is, fire an Orange Portal at the right wall so that the Bridge extends to the Button. Drop the Cube on the Button and make your way to the exit door.

In the next chamber you’ll notice the Hard Light Bridge in the top left corner? Fire a Blue Portal above that, then fire an Orange one straight ahead and step through to be on the Bridge. Look over to where you were and notice the tube carrying a Weighted Cube. Fire an Orange Portal underneath it and a Blue one straight ahead, extending the Bridge under the Cube. Cross through, activate the switch, and grab the Cube.

Go through the Orange Portal so that you’re overlooking the room again. Fire an Orange Portal on the wall below the Switch so that it extends the Bridge to the far side across the water. Cross through the Blue Portal, place the Cube on the Button, and exit the Test Chamber

Return to Top Test Chamber 13 and 14

These rooms will introduce you to the Aperture Turrets. The hallways ahead of you are guarded by Aperture Turrets. Attack these from behind by using your Portal Gun to make Portals behind the turrets, then step through and knock them over. Don’t try to just run around them it will not fair well.

Up ahead, you’ll see two turrets behind bulletproof glass. Near you are several Weighted Cubes. Fire a Blue Portal above a turret, then an Orange Portal below one of the Cubes. This will cause the blocks to take out the turrets. Do the same for the other turret. In the adjoining room, you’ll be faced with three turrets. Use the same technique as before: fire a Portal above the turret aiming at you, then drop a Cube through another Portal to crush the turret. Once all the turrets are down, grab a Cube and place it on the Button.

After making your way through an assembly area you’ll end up in a room with a laser, a Redirection Cube, and three markers that you need to hit with the laser. Arrange the Cube so that it’s directing light at two of the markers, then fire a Blue Portal at the spot where the laser hits the wall. Fire an Orange Portal near the remaining marker so that the laser activates all three.

Return to Top Test Chamber 15 and 16

Use caution rounding the corner, a turret will be facing you. When a turret is in sleep mode, it will take them a second to react, so you have a brief moment to slip by without being shot but be quick. Disable this turret, then fire a Blue Portal where the Hard Light Bridge meets the wall. Look into the large room ahead and fire an Orange Portal so that it blocks the other turrets around the corner. Don’t forget if you move the portal they will be able to shoot you.

Head to the other side and right above the exit door is some wall paneling. Fire an Orange Portal so that the Bridge extends across the room, then step on the Aerial Faith Plate nearby. The Bridge should stop you and you should drop onto the raised platform. Go to where the turrets are, drop down, then disable them. Grab the Cube and place it on the Button. The bulletproof glass blocking the exit door will lower. Quickly shoot a Blue Portal behind the sentry turrets, then an Orange one nearby and slip through.

Why not fight a little fire with fire, you will use the laser to destroy turrets. Step on the Button to activate the laser. Fire a Blue Portal at the laser and an Orange Portal on the wall opposite the row of turrets. The laser should cut through all of them. Grab the Weighted Cube and place it on the Button. Use the Redirection Cube to aim the beam at the other turrets and the receiver.

Return to Top Test Chamber 17

As you enter 17 look to your left and spot the Hard Light Bridge. Fire a Blue Portal at it, then an Orange one on the wall nearby and step through. standing on the Bridge, notice the wall panel adjacent to the laser receiver. Fire an Orange Portal at it so that the Bridge extends underneath the receiver. Take the Cube, cross the Portals, and place it so that it’s still blocking the laser.

Step off and head for the lift. Stand on the lift and fire an Orange Portal anywhere on the wall so that the Cube falls on top of the Button. If you’ve positioned the Cube properly, it should activate the lift. Exit this Test Chamber. And that is it for Chapter 3.


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