NBA 2K11 – My Player [Guide]

NBA 2K11

The My Player mode is a relatively new feature found in the 2K franchise. Its first appearance was in last year’s NBA 2k10, but it has improved quite a lot since then. The My Player mode allows players to create their own character and experience the actual NBA experience! From training in summer camp, to the excitement of actually getting drafted and picked for a team.

The first thing to learn before delving into the My Player mode is learning what type of gameplay will suit your play style. With this, comes the decision of what position to pick for your custom player. If you like leading the floor, making and executing plays or simply just the authority to hold the ball the most, then you’d probably want to play a Point Guard. If you want to score a lot, usually shoot jump shots from the 3 point arc as well as good ball handling skills, then you’d want to play a Shooting Guard. You’d want to play a Small Forward if you want utility on both offense and defense, while the Power Forward position is good for those who want to boast off strength and size. The Center is usually the biggest man in the court, and provides the ultimate interior preference, pick this if you like grabbing rebounds and muscling your way into the rim.

Next thing to do after picking a position is determining where your first stat points go. Now this is probably something you’d love to do on your own. Pick what suits your play style the most. Most PG’s, SG’s or SF’s would probably opt for the Shot Medium stat or the Layup stat. Consistency and Off-dribble is equally important though. But then again, some of the more athletic type players would want to boost up their Dunk and Jumping, its really up to you what kind of player you want to mold.

The medium shot stat is good for the smaller guys on the court as early on during your My Player career, it will be your primary way of scoring. Taking those open jump shots, although not as efficient as taking the ball to the rim, will probably be your best bet while your stats aren’t good enough yet. As for the bigger men, taking the ball to the rim is a no brainer.

The next thing to learn is how to build up your player. This is usually not easy, as every player has a taste of how he wants to mold his custom player. The most obvious way is probably deciding what aspect of the game you want to be good at. Do you want to be a shooter? A drive and dunker perhaps? Someone who can throw a finger roll at any angle? Concentrate one first, your dreams of becoming a superstar will have to wait a bit. Max out the stat you want to focus on first, and then work your way with the other stats when you’re through.

Next you would probably start playing in the draft combine. Playing in the draft combine can be quite hard for inexperienced players, as not only do you have the least amount of skill points among the players you’re playing with, the AI is also pretty good. It will be hard to take jumpers, and find an opening. With your teammates not so great either, you’d have to do a lot on your own. This is where one of the most effective offensive strategies come into play. It is called cherry picking. Cherry picking is basically a steal play. While you’re on defense and the offense takes a shot, as soon as the ball leaves the shooter’s hands start running towards the other end of the basket and hope for a miss. If your opponent does miss and your teammate gets the rebound, ask for the ball for an easy score. Dunk it for extra skill points!

With these neat tips you would probably be well on your way to becoming the next NBA superstar. Remember, practice practice practice! Make good use of your skill points, and always look out for your teammates! Good passes net you bonus points as well, remember that!


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