Portal 2 – Smash TV Achievement/Trophy [Guide]


Smash TV
Break 11 test chamber monitors

You can obtain this achievement in Chapter 8: The Itch, only in the Test Chambers.  Test Chamber 01/01 doesn’t count, you will have to start on 01/19.





Once you see a TV monitor with Wheatley in there just smash it.  You can use your own body, turrets, lasers and cubes to smash the TV. Of course you have to use your wits with the portal gun and figure out a way on how to smash the TV.

Return to Top #1 – Test Chamber 01/19

Once you enter this chamber you can easily find the TV. Place a Blue Portal on the end of the Excursion Funnel, then create an Orange Portal anywhere on the floor. Then go to the Orange Portal until the Excursion Funnel lifts you up to the ceiling. Then create a Blue Portal on the other side of the wall of the TV, you should create enough momentum to fall into the Orange Portal then pop out of the Blue Portal then hit the TV.

Return to Top #2 – Test Chamber 02/19

You can find the TV on the other side. There should be a switch on a floor above which releases a cube in front of the TV.  Funnel your way up there by using your portals on the walls and making use of the Excursion Funnel.

Once you reached the switch, create another funnel to catch the cube. Then create another funnel until the cube reaches the ceiling. After that create a portal in front of the TV, break the funnel to create momentum and watch the cube hit the TV.

Return to Top #3 – Test Chamber 03/19

Once you see Wheatley, there are enough white walls in the area to create a momentum for yourself.  Create a wall on the floor and another wall in front of the TV. You should be able to smash the TV.

Return to Top #4 – Test Chamber 04/19

You don’t have any white wall to shoot at, so what to do now? There should be a turret on the left side of the button.  Go behind it, pick it up, aim it at the TV, put it down and watch it destroy the TV for you.

Return to Top #5 and #6  – Test Chamber 05/19

There are actually two TVs here. The one is at the start of the chamber and the other one on the other side of the room. First you have to reach the other side of the room by making use of the Aerial Faith Plate and the Excursion Funnel.  Once you reach the switch, you should be able to pop up a cube, use the funnel to create a momentum for the cube to the break the TVs one at a time.

Return to Top #7 – Test Chamber 06/19

This one is very easy, there’s an Aerial Faith Plate in front of the TV. Just use it to break the TV.

Return to Top #8 – Test Chamber 11/19

First you need to get the cube on top. To get there you should build momentum by funnelling yourself up to the ceiling, then catapult all the way to the top. Then use the cube to block the laser, so you can deactivate the funnel, to get the Redirection Cube on the other side.

Once you have the Redirection Cube, go to the laser. Create a portal on the wall near the laser, to make a window so that you can see the TV through there. Use the redirection cube and burn the TV using the laser.

Return to Top #9 – Test Chamber 12/19

You need to use the lasers with your portal to activate the two light switches on the left side, to move the carrier on top. Then get the Redirection Cube on top of the carrier and use it with the laser to burn the TV.

Return to Top #10 – Test Chamber 15/19

There should be a lot of white walls, just create a momentum to catapult yourself to smash the TV.

Return to Top #11 – Test Chamber 16/19

Finally the last one, do not expect this to be easy because this is the hardest part. You need to use the Propulsion Gel and have it ride inside the Excursion Funnel.  First you need to put some Propulsion Gel beside the switch.

You need to have the Propulsion Gel to ride in the funnel again. Then go the button and step on it, to reverse the direction of the funnel.

You need to have the Gel travel back to the source of funnel. Once it is there, create a portal one the wall just up beside the three turrets, you should be able to see it on your right if you are facing the TV.

Release the switch, watch the Propulsion Gel travel there. When you see the gel is on top of the two turrets, break the funnel by taking out the portal, taking out the two funnels leaving only one turret behind. Make sure you have enough gel to take out two of the turrets or you will be doing this again.

Here is the trickiest part. Make sure to save here. Now go back to place where you placed some gel so you can jump to get to the funnel.  Make your way to funnel yourself to the turret. Careful not to land on the propulsion gel or you will bounce and die. And also be careful not to bump on the turret, disabling it or destroying it.

If you land correctly, pick up the turret, handle it with care, and bring it in front of the TV. Then watch the turret destroy Wheatley on TV.

After doing all this you should earn 75G points for the Xbox 360 and only a Bronze trophy for the PlayStation 3.


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