Portal 2 Chapter 4- The Surprise Walkthrough [Guide]


You made it, GLaDOS promised you a surprise and its time you got it. As to be expected though she is pulling your leg.

Return to Top Test Chambers 18

Once you enter this test area you’ll notice there’s a turret on the other side with you in its sights. To the right of that turret shoot a Blue Portal at the wall. Now shoot an Orange Portal anywhere near you and step through it. Once on the other side, fire a Blue Portal at the point where the Light Bridge meets the ceiling, then another one on the floor to the left corner of the room. Activate the switch here and watch the Bridge keep two Redirection Cubes from falling so you can use them.

Return to the other side and use the Cube to angle the beam so that it burns the turret. You now need to direct the beam so that it hits all the markers. Position one Cube so that it shoots a beam hitting the two markers closest to the Bridge. Place the second Cube near the remaining markers so that the beam hits the markers and the receiver on the wall. The beam should form an acute angle (That’s less than 90 degrees). All that’s left to do is to extend the Bridge so that you can walk on it to the exit.

Return to Top Test Chamber 19

This one can be kinda tricky, (Really from here on out they all start getting kinda tricky). Start by looking to your right and you’ll see a Redirection Cube sitting on a small ledge. Use your Portal Gun to get to the Cube, then take it to the right side of the room where you should see a laser beam. Use your Portals to make your way up to where the laser is hitting the wall, then use your Cube to aim the beam at the marker on the other side of the room.

Grab the other Redirection Cube on the bottom level. You need to get it up to where the beam is hitting that first marker. In the wall is an Aerial Faith Plate. Shoot a Blue Portal right above it, then an Orange one near the ceiling on the wall facing the first marker. Pick up the Cube and place it on the Plate. It should launch it through the Portals and land near the marker.

But RyCam, how do I use it? Well you’ll have to get up there as well. This involves some timing and shooting on the bounce. Leave the Blue Portal above the Plate and fire an Orange one where you can step through it. As you step through, you need to shoot a Blue Portal somewhere so that it’s not above you anymore thus allowing you to keep banging your head for now. Aim a Blue Portal at the wall overlooking the first marker, then shoot an Orange Portal above you so that, just like the Cube, you’re sent flying to where the marker is. Position the Cube so that the beam is hitting the second marker near the entrance.

It should look like this now.

There is a third cube you will need. It can be found on a higher ledge to the left of the entrance. Use the same technique with the Plate to launch yourself at the third Cube. Catch it as you fly past, then position this Cube so that the laser destroys the turrets and hits the receiver. With all the markers activated, use the Faith Plate to launch yourself to the exit.

Return to Top Test Chamber 20

I’m not gonna lie, this one had me stuck for a while but that won’t happen to you. This room is small but tricky, look at the laser on the far left. Shoot an Orange Portal at that spot where the laser hits the wall. Arrange the two Redirection Cubes so that there are three beams hitting the Orange Portal. On the other side of the room are three receivers lined up. Shoot a Blue Portal at the wall in front of them. Now, go back to the Cubes and arrange them so that all the beams are hitting all three receivers. With all receivers activate, the exit door should now open. What got me stuck was where I placed my orange portal seeming to think it had to be in that area, (ok it had been a few hours) here is where you should put it.

Return to Top Test Chamber 21

In this chamber fire a Blue Portal at the Light Bridge, then fire an Orange Portal at the wall on the other side of the water. You need to reach the Switch in the wall above the Button, so you’ll need to jump and shoot Orange Portals to get the Bridge higher and higher.

Once you reach the Switch, hit it and head for the fallen Cube. The power in the room should go out and Wheatley will appear. Go towards him but watch for the water, he is here to break you out so go with him.

During your escape, GLaDOS will tempt you with an easy puzzle. Don’t go to it (unless you’re after a special Achievement/Trophy), because it will lead to your death. Keep following Wheatley until the beginning of the next section.

Return to Top The Escape

This is pretty easy you’ll pretty much just follow Wheatley’s instructions. If you ever lose sight of him, look for his management rail above you and follow that. When you run into the turrets knock them over. Fire a Blue Portal at the wall near the turrets and an Orange one at the wall beyond the tan wall panels boxing you in. Keep running and don’t stop even when turrets are shooting at you. Reach the elevator lift at the end and get ready for chapter 5.


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