Portal 2 Chapter 5 The Escape Walkthrough [Guide]


Here we are again my friends, barreling our way through Aperture Labs and Portal 2. In this guide we are looking at Chapter 5 The Escape. When we last left our hero we were running around the behind the scenes areas of the lab with our friend Wheatley.

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To start off the door will be locked so you will have to portal your self to the other side. After that this area is pretty straight forward. Wheatley will direct you where to go, and he is better at these guides then I’ll ever be. There is a part with the spiraling tubes, you have to walk down the spiral just be careful not to slide off the side.

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In this area is the assembly line for all those nasty turrets you have been dealing with. Starting out you will need to get to the conveyor belt of all the broken turrets. In the office throw up a blue portal than an orange one above the belt.

Eventually you will make your way to a firing range where the turrets are shooting at a dummy. If you look on the ceiling above the dummy, it is a portal friendly surface. Place a blue portal on the ceiling, making sure it is behind the target. Shoot an orange one by you and step through.

Across the way you should see an office, shoot a blue portal in there. If you peek out a white active turret will shoot at you. Wait until a black malfunctioning turret comes up to get across the range by shooting an orange portal on the wall behind the dummy.

The next area you enter will be the area where they separate the good turrets from the bad ones. If you look it flings the bad ones into a receptacle on the other side of the room. You’ll want to catch one as it comes flying in. Now take it to the control room. After Wheatley “Hacks” the door you will head in there and swap the master turret for your cruddy one.

Now that he turrets are taking care of you and Wheatley will focus on the Neurotoxin. On the way you will go through the Science Project area with a lot of potato batteries.

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You are getting close to shutting down the Neurotoxin Generator, follow Wheatley until you find the switch that opens the door to the next room but first fire a blue portal on the wall with the laser. Wheatley is in the next room trying to figure out how to shut it down but you can figure it out. If you look around you will see some wall surfaces moving around that just so happen to be surfaces you can put portals on. Fire an orange portal on them at the start of their cycle so the laser coming through can cut all the tubes. Go meet up with Wheatley and ride the tubes to the next area.

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You will be walking till you reach a vast view of noting, well almost nothing. In the upper right area is a landing. Fire a blue portal up there, then put an orange one close and step on through. The exit is up ahead except it seems to easy, and it isn’t GLaDOS has sprung her trap.

Except you have a plan, Wheatley will show up and you will put him in the terminal to swap him out with GLaDOS. The last piece of the puzzle will be to push the transfer button. There are some Faith Plates that will block you from getting into the room. So just portal your way in. Now some wall panels will block you from getting in there. Again go to the Portal gun to get around them. Now the plan works perfectly at first. Step into the Emergency Elevator that Wheatley calls up and you will see what I mean.


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