SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs – Means to an End [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the ‘Means to an End’ mission in SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs. Let’s get started!

The mission objective is to secure Razad and eliminate everything that stands in your way. Flashbangs will be extremely helpful in this mission. Move to the village and take out the Insurgents. There will be more than just a handful of them so be careful. Watch out for the snipers, they’ll be in all sorts of high places. It will be a good idea to take them out first. Also, watch out for Insurgents that will try and flank you via the alleyways.

Keep following the waypoints and keep shooting everything that stands in your way. Clear out the village and head for the small house to the north to pickup the intel datapad. Next, move up the road and take out more hostiles. The rest of the mission will be pretty straightforward. Keep following the waypoints until you reach the park. Take out the hostiles there and a heavy vehicle will appear. There should be a rocket launcher in the middle of the park, pick it up and use it to take care of the vehicle. Two shots should do the trick.

Head towards the gate at the end of the park and look for a black car somewhere to your left. There should be another intel datapad just waiting for you near the car to the right. Move through the gate and head towards the HQ. A huge amount of hostiles will come flooding your way now, prepare for an epic fight. Set your teammates up so that everyone is behind cover on the sides of the fountain. Clear the courtyard before entering the main building. Throw flashbangs before heading up a floor as you will most probably get shot at bad by the enemies camping upstairs. On the second floor should be another intel datapad, while a tarocco will be waiting for you on the third floor.

Take out the snipers from the rooftops before walking back out of the building. Hostiles will be all over the ground, use team work to make quick work of them. Look out for a new weapon, the ATAC 2000 that the enemies might drop. This area will be quite a fire fight, so be careful. Insurgents will be rushing at you from everywhere. Keep following your waypoint and taking out hostiles, don’t be afraid to stop once in a while to take cover and minimize the damage. Look out for the man with the rocket launcher across the park, take him out before he even arms the thing. When you see the men marked with red diamonds, take them out and head to the roof of the building where they are standing to finally reach the extraction point and end the mission.


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