CoD: Black Ops – Shooting on Location Achievement/Trophy[Guide]

COD Black Ops

Shooting on Location
In Call of the Dead, kill 10 zombies with one Scavenger shot from over 100 feet away.

Watch the video here: Shooting on Location Achievement/Trophy Guide

This achievement can be done in Call of the Dead Zombie map. If you do not have this map you need to get the DLC Escalation Map Pack.

First you need to have your Scavenger upgraded by using the Suck-a-Punch. Just follow the beam from the lighthouse if you can’t find it. Watch the video: Pack-a-Punch Guide

Then go to the bottom of the lighthouse, down the stairs and have zombies follow you there. Go in circles and try to have a pack of zombies go after you.

Once you have bunch of zombies following you, run to the bridge near the spawn area. Make sure they are following you.

You should have the Scavenger upgraded by now, use the infrared scope and wait for the zombies to appear. Once you see the zombies just shoot above them and run back towards the broken ship. You should be able to kill 10 plus zombies.

Another way to do this is by shooting the zombies with a Ray Gun to make crawlers. They will move slower but you still have to gather them around and create a bunch of them to follow you.

This will earn you 35G points for the Xbox 360.

Watch the video here: Shooting on Location Achievement/Trophy Guide


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