LA Noire Cases Descriptions [Guide]


In LA Noire you will play the character Cole Phelps. Through out the game you will make your way up the ladder in the department, (just like real life!). The way you will do this is by completing Cases in each department. Imagine each case is a mission you must complete. A case will start with a brief cut scene then you will be allowed to search the crime scene for clues. Many of these cases will feature interrogations and shootings. Below is a breakdown of every Department and the Cases in them. At the end of each case you will receive a star rating of 1-5. Higher scores will help you climb the ladder of the LAPD faster.

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-Armed and Dangerous
In this case you will investigate a robbery at the Westlake Savings and Loans. Phelps and his partner Ralph Dunn head to the bank to take down the robbers.

-Upon Reflection
In this case you and Dunn are asked to assist detectives Galloway and Rose in their investigation of the murder of Scooter Peyton.

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-The Fallen Idol
After investigating a car crash close to the station two victims have escaped alive. You’ll investigate the crash site looking for clues that point to a murder attempt. Your search for a missing actress will uncover a seedy pornographic underbelly.

-The Drivers Seat
Phelps will be investigating an abandoned car that appears to be a murder crime scene. The registered owner is missing and guess who is on the case.

-A Marriage Made in Heaven
In this case you will investigate an apparent hit and run after a dead man is found in the street.

-Concul’s Car (PS3 Exclusive)
After the theft of a diplomats vehicle Phelps is called to investigate.

-A Slip of the Tongue (Wal-Mart Pre Order Exclusive)

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None have been revealed yet Stay Tuned!

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-The Set Up
A boxer has won a supposedly fixed fight that he was supposed to lose. Now he is no where to be found.

-The Black Caesar
You and your partner report to the scene of 2 dead junkies in Hollywood. There drug is government issued morphine.

-The Naked City(GameStop Pre Order Exclusive)
Phelps will be investigating the supposed suicide of a beautiful fashion model. In this city a dead woman this beautiful is never as it seems.

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-The Red Lipstick Murder
Phelps and his new partner find a body marked off by police tape at the crime scene. The victim is naked and badly beaten. There is a footprint on her chest and a message written in blood. Before long you are chasing down the serial killer “Werewolf”. A killer who leaves tips on who is next.

This case is influenced by the murder of Jeanne French who was murdered in 1947

-The Silk Stocking Murder
This case starts when a women’s body is found in the City Hall parking lot. At the crime scene Phelps is meet by reporters as it seems the “Werewolf” from the previous murders is back.

This murder is loosely based on the murder of Rosenda Mondragon in 1947.

It looks like LA Noir is shaping up to be a completely new gaming experience.


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