Portal 2 Chapter 9 – The Part Where He Kills You [Guide]


We now have a plan and we are on our way to take out Wheatley in the final chapter of Portal 2. The big question is will GLaDOS hold up her part of the bargain and let you go.

Return to Top Test Chamber 17

As you walk into the tests you will see a Faith Plate just up ahead. Once you step on it you will be flung sideways and into Wheatley’s trap. Eventually you will be on a platform and Wheatley wil show up on a giant screen. Behind him to left is a wall you can place a portal on, be quick cause Wheatley has a plan. After the white gel spills put an orange portal and slip through before he launches his attack with the spiked panels.

Run down the catwalk and eventually you will reach a dead end, never fear though there is a wall above you that you will place an blue portal on now look down. Shoot an Orange one down here and drop through. Continue along the path until you reach the exit door.

Return to Top Escaping

In this part of the escape Wheatley will attempt to put you into a room of a turrets, however he forgot about your sabotage earlier and these are all defective turrets so no worries, head to the exit.

In the next area you will find working turrets and behind them is a Energy Stream. Shoot a Blue Portal at the stream, then an Orange one on the wall behind the turrets. the stream will move all the turrets for you. Now hop in the stream and ride it to the exit, be sure to hop out before you get to the spike panel.

Now in the next area shoot a blue portal at the top of the stream and a orange one on the wall so you can ride the stream out. Up ahead Wheatley will attempt to get you with the spike panel so drop out and fire an orange portal on the wall below you up ahead. This should take you through the area to a catwalk you can drop down on and follow out of the area.

Up ahead is the exit door but there are some turrets guarding the way. Up and to the right is a wall you can place a Portal on. Enter this room and you’ll see a Button, an Aerial Faith Plate, and a Blue Gel dispenser. Place a Blue Portal under the dispenser, then turn around and place Orange portals along the wall near the turrets. Now head over to the button and watch the gel eliminate the turrets. Step on the Faith Plate and ride it to the catwalk.

In the next room will be a switch and a broken glass window. When you activate the switch the tube inverts and drops explosives on the ground. Throw a Blue Portal at the spot where the explosives hit and an Orange one on the wall panel facing the tube full of White Gel. Once the gel is sprayed you can portal over there.

In the next area is a conveyor belt that Wheatley will turn on once you step on it. Quickly get to the other side, there is a Switch here that activates another tube full of explosives. On the other end is a tube full of Orange Gel. Repeat your trick you did before to blow open the orange gel dispenser and spray it over the conveyor belt. Now you should be able to move fast enough to get to the end of it and escape.

Be sure to keep your blue portal underneath the Orange Gel from the previous area. Now place an Orange Portal down the small hallway near the stream to create a make shift runway. Shoot a Blue Portal on the floor below the stream. Run through the Portals and catch a ride in the stream. Portal up the elevator shaft and we are on to the grand finale.

Return to Top Final Battle

As this battle start Wheatley will tell you he removed all the portal friendly surfaces. He is right but there is a White Gel dispenser next to you and he is trowing bombs, you know what to do. After the white gel is covering the area place a portal on the wall panels hanging and one on the ground near you. You will want to maneuver so the bobs go into the portals and hit Wheatley.

After you have a good hit GLaDOS will deliver a core for you to attach to Wheatley. Portal up to the catwalk and grab the first core. The part of Wheatley you will need to attach it to will glow red and be exposed. Use the Blue Gel to bounce up to the first area on Wheatley’s body and put the core in its place.

Now the fun starts as a timer starts that countdowns to the destruction of the facility. Repeat the same tactic, but adjust your Portals to aim for whatever part of Wheatley’s body is exposed. To reach the second core get back up to the catwalk, jump off onto the blue gel and bounce to the other side. Look for the next open area to place this core.

The third core requires the Orange Gel. With your Portals, make a runway, with your exit Portal aiming up at the core.

After you have retrieved the core put it on Wheatley’s last open spot. When the corruption reaches 100%, GLaDOS will initiate the transfer. Just like your fight with her in Chapter 5, you need to hit the Switch in the small room. There is a white ceiling to help you get into the room. Wheatley does have one final plan.

I don’t want to ruin the joy of finding this out but just remember what Cave Johnson said about Moon rocks.

And that is it you have finished Portal 2′s single player, now just sit back and enjoy the awesome ending and the best video game song ever as the credits roll.


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