The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings [REVIEW]


Reviews for the PC? Me?

Yeah! You missed me? You didn’t? Well shame on you cause this week it’s all about the PC. Nintendo DS is falling short and short of releases and the 3DS is slowly approaching a new release wave, so in the meantime I’m focusing on some PC games. Jump in and find out why this Witcher sequel beats it’s predecessor in almost every possible way!

Return to Top GRAPHICS:

This games has to be one of the best looking games around. The game is beautiful optimized and if you were able to run The Witcher then you’ll breeze through this one without any kind of trouble. Red Projekt did an amazing job on this title, not only do the faces and expressions looks great, the entire world is rendered in a rather amazing way that will blow you away! The combat scenes looks cinematic and every special finisher move will bring an “Ouch!” out of you. The graphics fully reflect the brutal and violent nature of the game combat, and let me tell you, it’s freaking awesome.

Return to Top SOUND:

It’s been a while since I’ve included a sound section inside my reviews, but The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings is a masterpiece. If you bought the enhanced version or the special pre-release of the digital edition you’ll get a free copy of the game soundtrack and believe me it’s worth the extra bucks. Every dialog is done in a wonderful way and the music is simply epic. The sound effects are awesome and you’ll hear every bone and every slice actually hurt your foes, this is a well put together soundtrack and an amazing way to use sound to enhance the atmosphere of the game.

Looking damn good, every armor change is noticeable and it's freaking great

Return to Top STORY:

You all know Geralt right? The White Wolf? Luckiest girl-banger witcher in the entire world? You don’t? Well what are you doing? Go play The Witcher! This sequel brings around a different kind of story involving a mysterious king assassin that’s freaking huge. A plethora of different characters will be interacting with us and they all have their personal intentions towards your character and the plot. As a plus if you finished the first game and saved the save games (yeah I know it sounds awful) your decisions won’t be in vain! Every step of the game will remind you what you did in the prequel and it’s a great touch in order to give some continuity to a great and deep story.

Return to Top GAMEPLAY:

Is the awesomeness ever going to stop? Thankfully not, The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings improves playability in almost every single way, the combat is enhanced, the leveling system is improved and the point allocation is far more useful than it was before. Every step of the way and every single point spent will change the way you fight, the way you play and the game in general. In addition to this reading book is not only anecdotal, you’ll be finding these little pieces of paper actually handy! Reading enough about for example…Drowners…this will not only tell you what their weaknesses are, but how to kill that final drowner boss or to clear a particular quest you’ve been stuck on for a while. Keeping your knowledge indicators to the maximum is a clever and logical way to clear the game leaving almost no secrets to unveil.

Return to Top OVERALL SCORE:

9.5 (Almost perfect!) A frustrating dificulty even in normal will drive some players away and attract others, but other than that this is a freaking masterpiece.

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