Minecraft – Building Your First House [Guide]


The greatest challenge you have in Minecraft is building everything you need before nightfall. Once it turns dark, it’s all about surviving the creatures that’ll be popping up. That’s why it’s vital to learn what you can and get everything planned out before you start playing.

The best place to build a house is near your spawning point and the place you want to explore, like a cave. You need a place to stay when it gets dark so that you don’t get killed by whatever comes up at night. As the game starts, you’ll be racing against time to build some sort of dwelling to protect yourself. Since day and night cycles in Minecraft go by pretty quickly, you have to learn how to do this pretty fast.

Building your first house in Minecraft is a three-step process. The first involves making all of the necessary tools. To do this, you must first gather wood and stone. Wood is easy enough to find with trees almost everywhere in the world. As for stone, if you cannot find it near the starting point, you can find that in the mountainous regions visible in the distance.

Wooden Planks

Wooden Sticks

Crafting Table

Once you have some wood, craft them into wooden planks and sticks in your inventory. With the wooden planks, create a crafting table and place on the ground to get the extra slots needed to make the tools. You can then use the sticks and planks in the crafting table to create a wooden pickaxe necessary to mine some stone.

Wooden Pickaxe

You may need only around 10 to 15 blocks worth of stone at first, which should be easy enough to mine with the pickaxe. You may then make a stone pickaxe, as well as a stone axe to chop wood more easily and a stone shovel for digging up dirt. You should then collect as much wood as you can, perhaps up to 50 or so.

Stone Pickaxe

Stone Axe

Stone Shovel

After that, the second step is gathering all the building materials for the house. You should then dig up around 20 blocks of dirt, which is easy enough with the stone shovel. The dirt blocks are for filling in any holes on the ground where you want your house. You should also look for coal for torches later on. If you see stone with black and grey specks on it, take your pickaxe and mine away to get coal. If you can’t find any, then you may have to make charcoal.


You can make charcoal by constructing a furnace to make some through smelting wood. You can do this by getting 8 blocks of cobblestone, then putting them in the crafting table in a square pattern with a hole in the middle. Once you’ve made your furnace, set it down somewhere and get some wood and wooden planks. You should then place the wood blocks on the top slot, then some wooden planks on the bottom to serve as fuel. You will then get charcoal for making torches.

Whether you have coal or charcoal, you’ll need them for torches once you’ve built your own house. To proceed with construction, get your dirt blocks and fill in whatever gaps there are on the ground on which you want to build the house as you need a flat surface to work on. Then, turn your wood blocks into as many wooden planks as you can. Once you have wooden planks, start laying out the walls of your house. You can make the house approximately 4-6 blocks high while leaving a gap open for the door later.


Once you’re done stacking up the walls, drop down into the interior and start putting up the ceiling. Once you’ve covered the interior with it, put blocks up front for the doorway. You’ll notice that it’s dark inside, so you’ll need to put up torches. Take some wooden sticks and coal/charcoal and make some torches in your inventory, with the coal/charcoal on top of the sticks. You can then put torches up on the walls to illuminate the interior of your house.


You can then drop your crafting table down by a corner and proceed to make a door. Take some wooden planks and put 6 of them in the first two columns to create a door. Take that door and put it up on the doorway to finish your starting house. By this time, the sun should be about to set, so you can then stay inside and close the door behind you. Monsters will be spawning at nighttime, and you should make sure that they can’t get to you.


You may also craft your own bed if you have some wool. You can get wool by hitting sheep once. You can then take 3 wool blocks and place them on top of 3 wooden planks as such to make a bed. This bed will let you skip ahead to daytime, even in multiplayer. However, everyone should be asleep in order to skip time in multiplayer, so be sure that you’ll be able to coordinate that. Once you have your bed, put it down in a corner and right-click on it to sleep.

That is the beginnings of your own house in Minecraft. You can then make bigger ones with more embellishments and designs with different materials, if you wish. In this game, you are only limited by your own imagination and the creatures that go bump in the night.


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