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There are two types of creatures in Minecraft — passive and aggressive. To survive and thrive in the world of Minecraft, you must learn what you can about these creatures in order to know what to do when you encounter some of them as you play along.

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Passive mobs are basically animals that roam around the Minecraft world. Aside from just strolling around, they’re good sources of various resources from which you can create items and get food.

Pigs – Gives you meat that can be cooked and eaten to replenish health.

Sheep – Gives you wool that can be dyed into different colors and used to decorate your house.

Cows – Gives you leather to make armor from just before you go into a dungeon.

Chickens – Gives you eggs and feathers. Feathers are used for making arrows. Eggs are used as an ingredient for making a cake, which can also be eaten to heal yourself.

Squid – Drop ink sacs when killed, from which you can make dye, which can then be used to dye wool. You can find them in the water.

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There are those that are dangerous only when provoked. Unlike aggressive mobs, you need not fear these when you see them near you, but you can’t just try to kill one without getting attacked like with passive mobs.

Wolves – Wild wolves can be quite vicious when provoked, but they can actually be tamed. You can tame one by giving it bones. The number of bones needed is random, so bring as many as you can. When they are tamed, hearts float about and the wolf gains a red collar. You may only have one tamed wolf at a time.

Zombie Pigmen – This mob looks more dangerous than the Zombie, but these are basically pigs that got struck by lightning and turned into Zombie Pigmen. When you kill them, they drop cooked porkchops, so that’s kind of neat. They do hold swords though, so they’re pretty dangerous.

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There are quite a lot of aggressive mobs that you will encounter in Minecraft. Some of them spawn in dark places, while others can come out during the day. You must always be prepared to encounter any of these, or you’ll become prey to them. Dying is frustrating in Minecraft, so save yourself from that and know how to defend against these aggressive creatures.

Creepers – These are by far the most annoying of these mobs. They don’t choose between night and day, they can be quite sneaky as they are silent. Once they get close, they hiss and explode in around two seconds. Keep your distance from these kamikaze monsters whenever you can.

Skeletons – They only spawn in dark places like caves or anywhere else during night. They are quick on their feet and they can also shoot arrows at you. All undead creatures, including these and Zombies, can be set on fire if exposed to sunlight.

Zombies – These are your regular brain-eating zombies. They are fairly slow and moan as they approach you in mobs. Like Skeletons, they also catch on fire when they get hit with sunlight.

Spiders – They have red glowing eyes that you will see as you explore dark caves. You’ll also hear loud hissing noises when you get close to them, so draw your weapons by then. Spiders are nocturnal, so they only attack at night. However, they will still attack during the day if you provoke them.

Slimes – Green translucent globs of goo that bounce around the Minecraft world quite annoyingly. There are four sizes of slimes — huge, big, normal, and small. When you kill one that is not a small slime, it will split up to four smaller slimes. Small slimes drop slimeballs, which doesn’t have a use yet.

Ghasts – They look like jellyfish floating in mid-air that shoot fireballs out of their mouths. As they approach and attack, they make a strange chirping noise. You can deflect their fireballs by hitting them with weapons, tools, or even your bare hands as it goes towards you.

Spider Jockeys – This is basically a skeleton riding a spider. When you kills one of them, the other one continues to attack you, making this combination very dangerous when encountered.

These creatures are the reason why you must craft weapons, because you have to run away from them if you can’t fight them. Armor helps you reduce the damage taken when fighting these creatures. Also, don’t fight two or more at once since you will be overwhelmed as a result.

More mobs are planned to be implemented by the Minecraft team to make the game even more interesting. At the writing of this guide, these are what have been implemented so far. You can count on the fact that it won’t be limited to this list and the Minecraft world will expand further.

Remember that the point of playing Minecraft is to create, not to destroy. You don’t really gain anything in killing aggressive creatures in the game other than the act of doing it. Therefore, be careful whenever you explore and stay focused on building stuff.


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