My Day With Mass Effect 3 at E3


My mind is blown I sit now in the media center trying to piece together what it was I just saw, I was taking notes furiously over the 30 minute demo we were treated to but first how we got there. After waiting in line for hours we were lead into a small room with a 76″ tv in the front. It was so crowded I was told if I wanted in I would have to sit on the floor. That was fine.

Note- some of the demo was what was shown at the press conference but for the sake of this I’ll assume you didn’t see it.

He fires up the demo and we are immediately attacking a Reaper base. I noticed quickly the Shepard here had facial scarring so he must have been a renegade. He takes out some Cerberus agents and calls for support from the Normandy. It looks amazing and Shepard’s new N7 armor looks awesome. Liara and Garrus are my squad mates but all of a sudden Legion shows up in a Geth Tank and helps Shep out. As was shown in the presser Shepard hops on the turret this was one of the many new elements we saw including climbing ladders to alternate areas and a new cover to cover jumping system.

Later in in the Demo Shepard and the crew were trying to free a Female Krogan princess. Wrex was not pictured but you could hear him on the radio and the princess made a joke that Wrex would not let a fertile female go to waste. I have my three man team of Garrus and Liara then we come around a corner and Mordin is there. This is very cool as it breaks the traditional three man squad and for an instance I had 4 helps make the battles seem huge and they are huge. The Reaper battles are unlike anything in scope I have seen before and that may be the best word I can use to describe Mass Effect 3 Scope.

The next stage of the demo showed some of the new fighting mechanics first of all the Mod Table. Certain levels have mod tables where your weapons can be customized. Another new add is the OmniBlade which gives Shepard a sweet melee move when he is in close quarters combat. Another new aspect of combat is that Shepard can perform stealth kills. In the demo we saw him sneak up on a Cerberus operative and use his blade to perform a pretty nasty stealth kill, something we have never seen in Mass Effect before, well other than Thane.

At the very end of this level we saw a new enemy type, a huge mech piloted by Cerberus, Bioware stated that we will be able to pilot the Cerberus vessel in the game adding to new styles of combat.

Then we received a treat and the reason you should be reading this. They showed us footage that was only here at E3 and will never be seen until launch and it was amazing.

It appeared to be the very beginning of the game and the Reapers are attacking earth. You and Anderson are both in cool Alliance attire are trying to get to the Normandy. In the demo they left the camera on the scene for a few minutes and more and more reapers landed and blew stuff up it never repeated or stopped I could have watched that all day. We moved on and eventually ran into some Batarian Husks. There attack was nothing like the human husks they took cover and fired weapons that grew out of their arms. After a battle we saw a Alliance vessel off in the distance explode the blast threw us both to the ground and sent Shepard falling down what was left of this building. Eventually we receive as the Normandy comes in and Ashley (who is super hot now) helps and we get off planet as more and more Reapers land.

That was the demo and all of us in the room applauded but this post isn’t over. There was a part that I really wanted to touch on that will be different in ME 3 and that’s emotion. As Shep and Anderson prepare to leave Shepard finds a small boy hiding in some duct work. Shepard tries to get him to come with him but he won’t so he is forced to leave. Later as we are escaping on the Normandy many Alliance ships are evacuating personnel and Shepard sees the boy as the ship is taking off a Reaper lands and blows the retreating ship up. The score is magnificent here as the look on Shepard’s face is desperation. In that moment you realize how serious this is and the burden that now lays on Shepard as Anderson commands you to go out into the universe and get help from every race in existence.

I was wowed I love Mass Effect but this felt like more than a game, it’s an experience, an experience I cannot wait to get more of.

Unfortunately EA would not allow any video so I can’t post any of it but trust me this game will be one of the biggest gaming experiences ever.

Screw a Mass Effect movie this was way better than anything they could put on the silver screen.


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