LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: A Touch of Destiny [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the Dead Man’s Chest ‘A Touch of Destiny’ level in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. Let’s get started!

The scene is a dirty swamp and a pair of your crewmates refuses to cooperate because of a missing pistol and glass eye. Search for the glass eye with Jack Sparrow’s compass. Search for the X and dig up the treasure using a shovel. Open it and give back the glass eye to Ragetti. Next, find the pistol by using the compass again. By swimming left, you will see a little rock with a treasure chest. Break up the chest to find the pistol for Pintel. You can now count on Ragetti and Pintel so continue with your journey to the swamp.

To activate the crank mechanism, you have to get the monkey and set it down on the raft. Move the raft down the river by turning the crank. When monster tentacles stop your raft, jump off and look for explosives by breaking the nearby barrels. On the same shaky landing, set them off with a torch to free your raft. The tentacles just moved down the stream so beware of them. By switching to Pintel, use the pistol to shoot three floating targets to reveal bouncy Lily pads. While holding a torch, hop over them and attack the barrel left of the tentacles. To destroy the tentacles, set of the barrel with the use of the torch.

Pound the red glowing bricks into shape by switching to Mr. Gibbs. Try to reach the end of the line by returning to your ramp and get cranking. Jump over the Lily pads on the dock and climb to the second level. Another pile of Lego bricks needs your hammer. You have to create a wheel and turn it to pick up a monkey cage. To take the monkey with you, turn the wheel twice. Further down the block, you have to deposit the monkey to a catapult. To activate the sword switch, switch to any character carrying a sword. While you shoot the target, leave the sword minifigure in place. To hit the target and send the monkey cage flying, use Pintel or Will Turner.

Near a ladder below, wait for a green brick cage to open. Activate a bridge to hang from the rope inside. Pick up the monkey by running across the bridge and take it to the green surface marked by the pointer. If a crocodile grabs the monkey just jump over the water using the floating crates. To swing to a raised hut, use Jack Sparrow on the compass marker. To weigh down a mechanism and raise two sets of plank bridges, push both blocks left and right. Utilize the bridges to look for another target. To drop the bridge, throw an axe using Will Turner and shoot it with Pintel.

You will again see the giant crocodile in the next area where it will move underwater and pops up to devour your Lego men. When it roars, throw a bomb right into its mouth. Throw another two bombs that will be tossed to you by the villagers who will also lower a plank. Use the broken chunks of crocodile to get to your monkey to pick it up. In the little village, set the cage down on the green surface and the cage will flip on its side like a barrel. After this, run right across the bridge to look for two sword switches. Activate them with Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. The crank you will need will be provided by a raft that will rise up. Run back over the bridge with the crank. Stick it to the mechanism to raise another bridge. Jump into the transformed monkey cage and roll it over to the new Lego Bridge.

To enter a witch’s home, roll the cage until a bell rings. After the cut scene, open up the door to the right by pulling the ropes. Take the stairs to find a puzzle and destroy a table with a box filled with Lego bricks. Fix the surface by climbing the wall and ceiling until white and blue bricks fall down. To complete the broken surface, construct a hopping bridge. Let the box open up on the incomplete map at the first floor. Do this by pushing the box and using the sword switch.

Down the stairs, construct the hopping blocks and build the map as well as the magnifying glass. Follow a ship at the bottom left quadrant of the map to complete the puzzle and the level.


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