LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dutchman’s Secret [Guide]


This guide will walk you throught the Dead Man’s Chest ‘The Dutchman’s Secret’ level in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Let’s get started!

In the ghoulish Flying Dutchman, you have to scare away the tentacles covering the sword mechanism. Grab a lamp to do it and use the sword switch to drop a pile of hopping blocks to the deck. To travel to a new location, switch to Bill Turner and use barnacles made of hopping bricks. Construct a crewmate by smashing the barrel filled with minifigure parts on the closed off deck. To find the next two, return to the barnacles.

Run up the stairs to a turnstyle for the second crewmate. By pushing the green side of the turnstyle, the cannon will drop down and will smash on a crewmate. Run down, fix him, and give him a broom for him to start working. Enter the barnacles on the back wall of the ship. Scare away the tentacles on the barnacle transport with a lamp and build the hopping blocks into a set of stairs. Switch to Will Turner to climb the mast and knock down the set of bricks by throwing an axe. Construct the pieces into the last crewmate.

You will be in the ship’s lower deck after the cut scene. To find another barnacle transport, jump through the hole in the floor. Let Bootstrap Bill Turner enter and turn the wheel to lower a ladder. To find a roller mechanism, run back to the barnacles. To the right of the roller, is a barrel with tentacles. Scare them away with light and attack the barrel until it lays on its side. Push the barrel into the roller and keep moving until the chain snaps. Keep running to disengage the locks. Climb up the ladder and look at the large gate to the left. You will notice that one of the lock is opened so you have to use the sword switch to open the second one. Switch to another character and push on the green surface to push the gate open and run towards it.

On the deck of the ship, follow the Dutchman inside his room. Look for a barnacle transport inside the room. Use it after switching to Bootstrap Bill. Use the sword switch at the other end and change to Will Turner. While holding the switch down, push the popped out wheel down the flat surface until it snaps into place. To get over the flowing water, jump across some platforms raised by turning the wheel. To find another sword switch, look left and run down the steps. Use it and switch minifigures to push the wheel into position. Turn both of the active wheels to create a walkway over the flowing water. Move the Lego box up the ramp. Start playing the music box by setting the box on the green surface.

The tentacles will retreat and reveal glowing blue surfaces as the music box plays. To activate two surfaces, stand on both surfaces simultaneously. Don’t stop until you have hit the purple, pink, and blue surfaces. Avoid stepping on the green surface because if you do, you will have to restart and contend with evil pirates. Close both opening where evil pirates fall from if you fail. Stop the attack of incoming pirates by pulling on the chains left and right. Try the music box puzzle again. After finishing the puzzle, complete the level by jumping towards the Dutchman.


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