LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Singapore [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the At World’s End ‘Singapore’ level in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Let’s get started!

A night in Singapore will make a tough pirate humble. Follow a stone road leading to a fish shop. You will go fish hunting because the man inside wants a fish. It’s a stroke of luck for Barbossa and Elizabeth because there is a fish stand just steps from the fish ship. Take the fish by smashing the stand and after delivering it, a pole will drop from the roof of the fish shop. Elizabeth Swann can double jump to this pole.

On the roof, jump to the landing to your right and on the rope to slide away down the dock. An unfolding bridge will be released as Elizabeth lands, allowing Barbossa across. Run down the dock to find a set of chains holding green Lego poles. While standing beside the flower icon, wait for Barbossa to use the sword switch to raise the chains. At this point, Elizabeth Swann can double jump to the poles and cross the water.

Look right for a chain holding another folded bridge. Join up with Barbossa again and cut open a closed door ahead of the bridge and climb up the stairs. You will find two sword switches and have each character use them at the same time. They will create a swing that will smash Lego bricks blocking your path. After this, run back down the steps and look for a building left of a stone archway. Follow the path to a small boat that you can use to reach a dock.

Look for the puzzle on the wall and get the gold ball through the lines. The blue or green gates will extend as the golden wheel recedes. Simultaneously, the red and blue turnstyle will move the circular shape. Turn the golden wheel and push the turnstyle until the golden ball falls to the second layer from the center. Drop the ball to the third layer by using the wheel. Push the blue surface and drop the ball into the fourth layer, spin the gold wheel. While the ball is at the outermost layer, push the green side of the turnstyle to push it under the green gate.

Spin the golden wheel again when the ball is under the green gate. The ball should fall back into the third layer by pushing the green side. Open the blue gate by spinning the golden wheel. Aim to rest the ball above the green gate. Do this by dropping the ball into the outer or fourth layer and pushing the green surface. Drop the ball into the hole by hitting the wheel one last time.

The entrance into a new building will be revealed when a large puzzle rolls away. After running inside, break the lock to open the dividers. Beware of an enemy who hides behind a wall of steam inside the bath house. Stop the steam by pushing both baths down the lanes until the steam pipes stop. Before the bad guys show themselves, you are free to meet an unexpected friend.

Barbossa and Sao Feng have teamed up but the crew needs their things back. Find a gunrack bt attacking the boxes under the set of pinwheel fireworks. Let Tai Huang join you by giving him a pistol. Use Tai Huang to shoot the target hanging from the ceiling of the back building. Give Tattoo Pirate, your next crewmember, a carrot. On the left wall of the plaza, there is an orange handle that is normally pulled by horses and donkeys. Grab on by switching to Tattoo Pirate. Pull backwards until Tia Dalma joins you.

The soldiers of the East India Company will swarm in as the gates of the plaza opens. Switch to a swordfighter and fight furiously by defeating 100 enemies. Switch back to Tattoo Pirate and pull the bridge over the stream. Run across the switch to Tai Huang to shoot down the first target to drop a Lego box. Carry it by switching back to Tattoo Pirate.

Drop of the box on a green surface and push the carriage to the end. An explosion will open the gate. Run through it and grab fireworks. Snatch a torch and set it off and an explosion will destroy the next bridge. Take the stairs down to the dock where you will fight more soldiers. Upon arriving in front of your ship, switch to Tai Huang and shoot the target to drop a plank. You will win this level when everyone is all aboard.


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