LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Kraken [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the Dead Man’s Chest ‘The Kraken’ level in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Let’s get started!

It’s about time to face the powerful kraken. At the start, grab a torch and cannons. You have to then immediately run to the right and left side of the lower deck to be able to find the cannons. Cannons can be activated by lighting its fuse. Shoot cannons balls on the purple suckers of the Kraken’s tentacles. You have to fend off both the tentacles to make Mr. Gibbs and Marty free from its vile clutches. You need three boxes of explosive to place on the three green surfaces. Now, it time to look for the other two boxes of explosive.

Run into the foreground and switch to Marty in order to destroy the chains hanging a box of explosive. Run left in the foreground for the third box, smash the cupboard on the left wall of the ship. You have to build the broken Lego bricks into a box and deposit it on the green surfaces. After you place all the three boxes, the Kraken will bush through a window. All those pieces that fall out should be used to build part of a turnstyle. The turnstyle is raised, so make a quick switch to Mr. Gibbs to fix it. By fixing the turnstyle and pushing on the green side, wait for the explosive to be lifted up.

When you run up the stairs you will see that you still need two more boxes of explosives. By turning the golden wheel twice it will lower both pushable floors in the background, and then push Marty through the short door to the left. Let Marty push the box out until you can grab and place it on the green surface. For the fifth box, on you left you have to run until you spot a tentacle and a target beyond some stairs. In order to force the tentacles to retreat, you should shoot it and release another box of explosives. Grab the box and again place it on the fifth green surface.

Again you need to raise the explosive. The tentacle will retreat up the left stairwell. Follow it and the stair will collapse, providing you with the Lego bricks, a turnstyle need to be constructed. The green side should be pushed until all the explosive are lifted up. On the right stairs the tentacles will retreat, so use those steps to reach the main deck. To reach the crow’s nest you have to use the hook but switch to Jack Sparrow first. Rope in the foreground need to break and climb the mast. To go back down on deck, use the rope.

Push the green Lego blocks on the deck until the device break. Switch to Mr. Gibbs and climb the rope you cut to fix the glowing red Lego bricks. You have to jump back down and push the turnstyle all the way. To complete this section, you must run to left and take a torch to light up your cannon and fire the cannon at the hanging explosives. In facing Kraken for real, it will spit a lot of junk, take cover behind the silver chained blocks until it finishes. Once it’s done, grab a piece of junk throw it on Kraken’s mouth.

The Kraken will suck up anything not behind cover when you take a few hits, so use those chained crates to hide behind. It will changes tactics. Its two tentacles will slam onto the deck. By the time it stops, take a torch and jump on the resting tentacle. A box of explosives is sitting at the end of the tentacles if you look closely. Run up and light the fuse. It will make the monster angry. Look out for the shockwaves as impact of the tentacle emit when it slam the ship again. Once it finishes, run up the resting tentacle after grabbing another torch to light the explosives.

Hide and jump over the tentacles shockwaves, after the explosion. It will suck up anything that is not hiding right afterwards. It will spit out more junk, after sucking. You will discover the box it spits out is filled with grenades so run into it. Kraken follows the pattern for the rest of the fight, slam it’s tentacle down, suck and the spit out. Be quick when going for the grenades when it sucks everything up, which includes the box of grenades. To defeat it for good, throw three grenades into Kraken.


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