Dungeon Siege III Quests [Guide]


What would a dungeon crawler be without quests and here are all the quests you will be embarking on in Dungeon Siege 3.

Return to Top Heros of Old

In this quest Lazar Bassili is looking to reopen the Heroes’ Crypt allowing commerce to return to the valley. The problem is the crypt has been sealed for 30 years.

-Use the two signet rings to open the gates of the crypt

-Find the ghost that is haunting the Crypt and remove it so the crypt is safe

-Defeat Drakomir who is the spirt that haunts the crypt

-After you defeat Drakomir and send his spirit back to the river of souls you can deliver the good news to Lazar that the crypt is open

Foecleaver A Greatsword dropped from Drakomir, it has stats of Attack+31, Doom +45, Chaos: Bloodletting +12
Trespasser’s Bane
XP 2158

Return to Top Relics of Another Age

Here the scholar Maximilien is looking for three relics from the Hero’s Crypt: The Skull of Korick, the Sword of Bolingar, and Merik’s Staff. You will receive a reward for each relic you find and bring him.

-When you find the Skull of Norick in the Heroes’ Crypt

-When you find Merik’s Staff in the Crypt

-When you find Lord Bolingar’s Sword in the crypt

-After you return the relics to Maximilien outside the crypt

Coins 805=1018=1041
863 XP

Return to Top Majority Rules

Complete this quest and you will receive the Voltage Field Generator which is a belt for Reinhart and has 39 Attack points and 76 Chaos Lightning points

Return to Top All that Glitters

In this quest Phineas is looking for a rare gemstone called Painite. This stone is critical to the practice of geomancy, which is the old earth magic of dwarves. Phineas will give you Lodestar to aide you in this quest.

-Gather Painite in Sounthern Tunnles

-Gather Painite in the Deep Well

-Gather Painite in the Western Tunnels

-Return the Painite to Phineas

XP 2810
Frostfire which is a Fire Yantra with +39 Attack, +18 Chaos: Fire, and +6 Chaos: Ice


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