The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Bosses [Guide]


Each chapter of Witcher 2 will present some formidable bosses for you to face and we are here to give you an edge against them.

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This will be the first boss you will face in the game and he is found near the small town of Flotsam. It is in the Gargantuan class and has an immunity to poison. He is however susceptible to the Kayran trap, Yrden SIgn, and the SIlver Sword.

After you take him down all this loot will be yours, Essence of Water, Kayran Eyes, Kayran Tissue, Kayran Trophy and Kayran Trophy.

Below is the Journal entry from the game describing this creature.

“The kayran stands apart among all creatures, large and small, beautiful and horrible: it is unique, not alike any other being. Doubtless it is a post-conjunction creature that appeared in our reality in the time when worlds intermingled. It took up residence in the Pontar’s waters, where it lives to this day. The chronicles mention instances when the kayran appeared on the river’s surface in various places over the ages. There is no certainty whether it is the same creature slowly moving up and down the river, or perhaps his progeny seen here and there.
Over a hundred years ago the kayran made its lair near the trading post of Flotsam. The folk of the nearby village call it the Old Man. People have grown used to the monster’s presence. Until recently, they even considered harmless. Lately, however, the kayran awoke and now emerges from the water. It has become aggressive: it shatters ships, shreds nets, snatches people from the river banks and pulls them beneath the water. Even the military cannot handle this plague, for the kayran hides in the water, where it is impossible to fight.
To defeat the kayran, one first needs to pull it onto dry land or drain the river meander where the monster lies in wait. If that trick works, it will be possible to approach the monstrosity. The creature defends itself with long, heavy tentacles – and ordinary man would die from a single blow, for these appendages weigh as much as a trebuchet arm and are covered in poisonous mucus. These tentacles should be cut off or immobilized during combat, for example using a special trap. Once the kayran is unable to shield itself, one should approach its trunk – but beware its venom! The monster spits its vile poison as skillfully as a street urchin. Its armor, tougher than that of any other creature – with the possible exception of dragons – is the final obstacle to overcome. One needs to find a way to pierce the carapace and get to the inner organs. Good luck!
The kayran laughs at poisons, or it would laugh if it had a sense of humor. It might even fall over from laughter, and that would be the only way to knock it down, but it’s not going to happen. If the creature had a circulatory system like humans do, it might be possible to bleed it to death. Unfortunately it is a monster that makes other monsters seem like house pets, thus oils reducing blood coagulation cannot harm it. It treats most traps as garbage strewn on the ground, but witchers may be able to construct traps to immobilize its tentacles.”

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Draug is the second boss you will face and is a arch-wraith. He has the ability to change form to a fiery tornado that can come up from deep trenches and caverns. When he steps the earth shakes.

Below is the Journal Entry from the game.

“The draug is a mythical creature, straight from ancient legends of heroes and epic deeds. When the hero enters the burning hells to rescue his beloved, or when he has to avenge his father’s death, the draug is often his opponent. Why are poets so keen to cast this monster as the arch-enemy? Well, the draug is a wraith, so it fits any dark story featuring a curse or vengeance from the beyond. There’s no telling how what it actually looks like, so its terrifying visage can be described in many ways without risking accusation of confabulation. Furthermore, it is a powerful creature, a prince of the damned, so it makes an ideal villain.
As an arch-wraith, the draug never stoops to doing anything with its own hands. It has lackeys for that, always wraiths, revenants or other restless spirits. Having been a king or a commander in life, the draug retains its charisma in death, and its deathly subordinates always blindly obey its orders. Thus one needs to exterminate all manner servants on the way to its underground palace, wilderness keep or other foreboding abode. Only then can one face the draug itself. That’s literary tradition for you.
The draug can be described in various ways, as has been said, but is always a lethal foe. Forget its huge strength, invulnerability to pain, fearlessness and bloodlust. One cannot just defeat a draug using conventional means. As with every wraith, there is some tragic event connected to it, forcing the creature to remain among the living. The draug is untouchable, unreachable for anyone who is not part of that story. That is why the mythical hero has to get involved in various brawls and pass through many trials. By overcoming these obstacles, he enters the draug’s world and becomes worthy of facing the monstrosity.
The wraiths’ leader is so powerful that it mocks simple witchers’ tricks. The one sure thing in fighting the draug, it must be said, is a silver sword.”

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Saesenthessis is a dragon you will face in chapter 3 of the game, you will first encounter him in the prologue but now will take him on. Much of the way you encounter this Boss depends on the path you take to get to him.


Roche’s Path
If you take Roche’s path, you’ll probably won’t find out much about this dragon. It appears in the Prologue where it fights against king Foltest and his men during the siege of La Valette castle. Geralt states this is highly unusual behavior for a dragon and suggests that it’s lair was probably located nearby and that it must have felt endangered by the battle. Vernon Roche believes “The ploughing dragon nearly altered the result of the battle.” By the end of the battle Geralt injures it, leaving his silver sword in its palate, and the dragon leaves in the general direction of Aedirn.

While the deliberations in the Chapter III sorceress Síle de Tansarville summons it to her defense and Geralt has to fight it. Later Sile states that the dragon is controlled by Philippa Eilhart, who is another sorceress. The boss fight ends with Geralt flying on the dragon’s back and the dragon impaling itself on a broken tree. Here you will choose to kill it or let it be.

Lorveth’s Path
If you take this path you will learn a lot more about the beast. In Chapter I be sure to listen to the hints of Iorveth’s motivation. In the next chapter he will explain his higher goal. In Chapter II you find out this dragon is actually Saskia, the Virgin of Aedirn, it turns out she will change her shape in order to protect Geralt from death at the hands of Dethmold. She will reveal that she is actually the daughter of the golden dragon Villentretenmerth. She will explain her motivation to unite all the people of Aedirn and it is also stated she’s been long preparing the revolt with Iorveth who also invented the Dragonslayer story. Later on you will discover that as Philippa Eilhart was curing Saskia from poison she also gained control over her using a Rose of remembrance but it is to late. Philippa means to use her as her safety guard during the deliberations in Loc Muinne and Geralt and Iroveth pursue them there.

In Chapter three as part of the Boss fight you will seek to free her from Philippa.


Letho is the second boss fight you will take part in in chapter 3, his full name is Letho the Great or the Kingslayer. He is a Witcher from the School of the Viper. His closest associates are Auckes and Serrit, also Kingslayers and Witchers from the School of the Viper. He plans to enlist the help of Iorveth and the Scoia’tael to help him in his plan to kill the kings of the Northern Kingdoms. To back his claim, this man showed Iorweth a head he claims belonged to Demavend, King of Aedirn and Sovereign of the Pontar valley.

Below is the Journal Entry from the game

“Disguised as a blind monk, the mysterious assassin took Geralt by surprise. Displaying immense self-control and lightning reflexes – not to mention a talent for acting – he murdered the king before the witcher’s very eyes. He then lept out the window of the solar before Geralt could grab him. Surviving the fall unharmed, the assassin fled with the aid of some Scoia’tael.
The information in Vernon Roche’s possession served to confirm what Geralt had witnessed. A man matching the kingslayer’s description had been seen in the company of Scoia’tael near the trading post of Flotsam. Finding him seemed like the witcher’s only chance.
The mysterious individual now had a name. It appeared that this Letho, whoever he might be, was playing his own game – one in which the Scoia’tael had become an impediment. Yet his ultimate objective remained a mystery to Geralt.

Letho had indeed been working with the Squirrels, doing their wet work for them. Geralt would soon learn the answers to many more questions.
In the ruins of the elven bath, Geralt and the mysterious assassin stood eye to eye a second time. Geralt was surprised by what he learned. Letho of Gulet had been a witcher! What is more, there were other kingslayers, and they and Letho had worked together to assassinate the two dead northern monarchs. The witcher and the assassin were also no strangers – in fact, Geralt had once saved Letho’s life. Their discussion ended abruptly as arrows whistled through the air and swords clashed. Letho demonstrated his strength and skills by beating Geralt black and blue. Before leaving, he announced that he was on his way to Aedirn.

The kingslayer proved true to his word and kidnapped Triss, wounding Cedric mortally in the process. He forced the sorceress to aid him by teleporting them both to Aedirn.
The magic sent Geralt a vision and gave us another bit of information. Letho had been in the area earlier and had ordered his accomplices to assassinate King Henselt. The kingslayers had been working with Sile de Tansarville, but, just as with Iorveth, their paths had diverged. Whatever finale would conclude this story, Letho claimed it would take place in Loc Muinne.
I listened to the rest of the tale with bated breath. Led to the summit by Nilfgaardian envoys, Letho publicly accused the sorcerers of commissioning the assassinations of the northern monarchs.
The kingslayer’s intricate plan was revealed too late. Letho had been working for the Nilfgaardian Empire from the very beginning – his mission, to seed chaos before the Black Ones embarked upon a new war. Taking advantage of the ambitions of the Lodge of Sorceresses, its contacts and financial means – not to mention the support of the oblivious Scoia’tael partisans – Letho had eliminated two of the Nordlings’ most important monarchs, plunging their realms into chaos.
On top of that, he had thrown suspicion on the sorcerers, who were just regaining their standing. Thus was the force which had stopped Nilfgaard at Sodden dealt a truly shattering blow.
Now Geralt had only to confront the kingslayer himself, so that the man could confirm or deny the witcher’s suspicions. Only Letho knew the truth of the backroom intrigue which had left the north running with the blood of kings. Now I shall tell you about their final meeting, and its conclusion…”


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