The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings Quests [Guide]


Anyone who plays games like this knows it can be hard to play all the quests. And there is no worse feeling that that feeling that you missed something. Thats why we have this nifty diagram that breaks down where all the quests in Witcher 2 can be obtained and if they are generated automatically or if something is needed.

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Quest Name Location: Given by: Quests or Conditions Required to Unlock
The Assassin’s of Kings Automatically
At the Fore
Blood of his Blood
By the Kings Will Automatically
The Dungeons of La Valettes Automatically
Melitile’s Heart Camp Crinfrid Reavers Speak to Newboy
Returning Memories
To the Temple
Trial by Fire
Woe to the Vanquished

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Quest Name Location: Given by: Quests or Conditions Required to Unlock:
A Rough Landing Flotsam Forest Automatically
By the Gods- Stringing Up Sods Flotsam Automatically
Indecent Proposal Flotsam
The Rose of Remembrance Flotsam Triss
The Kayran Automatically after completing By the Gods – Stringing Up Sods
TheKayran: Ostmurk Flotsam
The Kayran: A Matter of Price Flotsam Automatically
Where is Trice Marigold?
Death to the Traitor
In the Claws of Madness Lobiden
Hung Over Flotsam Ves
The Nekker Comtract Flotsam Notice Board
The Endrega Contract Flotsam Notice Board
Bring it on: Flotsam Flotsam Inn Zoltan
Poker Face: Flotsam Flotsam
The Scent of Incense Flotsam
One on One: Flotsam Flotsam Brothel
Fight Club Flotsam Brothel
Malena Lobiden
At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche
At a Crossroads: Scoia’tael
Mystic River Shipwreck
The Ballista Flotsam
Margot’s Disappearance Flotsam
Little Shop of Dreams
A Sword of Monsters Automatically
Troll Trouble(DLC) Notice Board

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Quest Name Location: Given by Quests or Conditions Required to Unlock
Lost Lambs Roche’s Path
Conspiracy Theory Roche’s Path
The Rotfiend Contract Roche’s Path
A Score to Settle Roche’s Path
Little Sisters Roche’s Path
Courage Symbolized Roche’s Path
Bring it on: Kaedweni Camp Roche’s Path
Poker Face: Kaedweni Camp Roche’s Path
Prelude to War: Kaedwen Roche’s Path
Ave Henselt! Roche’s Path, Complete The Butcher of Sidaris
Against the bLue Stripes Roche’s Path
The Butcher of Sidaris Roche’s Path
In Cervisia Veritas Roche’s Path
The Eternal Battle Roche’s Path
From a Bygone Era Roche’s Path
The Blood Curse Roche’s Path
Faith Symbolized Roche’s Path
Death Symbolized Roche’s Path
Hatred Symbolized Roche’s Path
Death Symbolized Iorveth’s Path
Hatred Symbolized Iorveth’s Path
Prelude to war: Aedrin Iorveth’s Path
The Eternal Battle Iorveth’s Path
Baltimore’s Nightmare Harpy Lair Iorveth’s Path
With Flickering Heart Ele’yas Iorveth’s Path
Hunting Magic Iorveth’s Path
Royal Blood Iorveth’s Path
A mAtter of Life and Death Iorveth’s Path
One on One: Vergen Iorveth’s Path
Bring it On: Vergen Iorveth’s Path
Hey, Work’s on in the Mine Iorveth’s Path
The War Council Iorveth’s Path
Subterranean Life Iorveth’s Path
The Harpy Contract Notice Board Iorveth’s Path
A Score to Settle Iorveth’s Path
Vergen Besieged Iorveth’s Path
Poker Face: Vergen Iorveth’s Path
The Queen Harpy Contract Notice Board Iorveth’s Path
The Walls Have Ears Iorveth’s Path
Suspect: Thorak Iorveth’s Path

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Quest Name Location Given by Quests or Conditions Required to Unlock
For a Higher Cause! Iorveth Iorveth’s Path
For Temeria! Vernon Roche Roche’s Path
Of His Blood and Bone Vernon Roche Roche’s Path
The Spellbreaker Iorveth’s Path
An Encrypted Manuscript
Poker Face: Loc Muinne
The Dagger
The Debate
The Gargoyle Contract Notice Board
A Score to Settle
A Summit of Mages
Enter the Dragon
Bring it On: Loc Muinne

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