The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings Swordsman [Guide]


Witcher 2 provides a very in depth character advancement tree and in this guide we are breaking down the best way to build the Swordsman.

In the first level Geralt can access the basic signs and alchemy and swordship abilities. With each level he advances he gains a talent point that can access a new ability on the tree. He can advance in Training, Swordsmanship, Alchemy or Magic. As I mentioned we are focusing on Swordsmanship in this guide.

With your first seven levels of advancement you can only choose to advance your Training abilities.
So here is a breakdown on how to spend them.

Level 2: Hardiness 1

Level 3: Hardiness 2

Level 4: Fortitude 1

Level 5: Fortitude 2

Level 6: Parrying 1

Level 7: Advance Parrying 2

This should give you a good base, you will have the ability engage a foe or two in close combat but steer clear of more than that, and don’t let any enemies get behind you.

At level 8 the tree for Swordsmanship will open up to you. Begin now at position 1, this is the bread and butter of a swordsman and should be advanced again at level 9.

When you reach level 10 pick Violence 1

At Level 11 choose Whirl 1

At Level 12 choose Whirl 2

Now that all these are activated you can get Quen and plunge into a group of foes with that sword of yours swinging away. Run into groups and strike fast and roll out for another run.

Some of your abilities will have what is called Mutagen slots that are indicated by tint circles on the edge of the ring. The swordsman build will allow for you to develop 4 Mutagens, 1 in the Train tree and 3 in the Swordsmanship tree. Be cautious and use Greater Mutagens to advance your character and once you apply the Mutagen it cannot be replaced. When you come across Basic or Lesser Mutagens sell them off. The greaters will boost abilities and are worth the wait.

At level 13 choose Hardy 1

At level 14 choose Sudden Death 1

At level 15 select Invincible 1

At level 16 select Combat Acumen 1

At level 17 select Combat Acumen 2

At level 18 choose Whirlwind 1

At level 19 Choose Whirlwind 2

This will now give you access to the Group Finishers, this will allow you to take out a group of three or four bad guys in one shot when your Adrenaline meter is full. The rest of your leveling will be building your self up and putting some umph in those strikes.

At level 20 select Hardy 2

At level 21 select Invincible 2

At level 22 select Violence 2

At level 23 choose Sudden Death 2

At level 24 select Finesse 1

At level 25 select Finesse 2

At level 26 choose Feet Work 1

At level 27 select Precision 1

At level 28 choose Precision 2

At level 29 choose Riposte 1

At level 30 select Guard 1

At levels 31 and 32 develop Tough Guy

Your points from levels 33, 34, and 35 can fill some gaps or you can improve the Aard sign if you choose.


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