LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Queen Anne’s Revenge [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the On Stranger Tides ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’ level in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Let’s get started!

You are standing on a pirate ship named after a venereal disease. It’s Blackbeard’s! Search for the gold-outlined treasure by using Jack Sparrow’s compass. There’s a sleeping pirate’s hammock to your right. Use a box of bomb to knock it down. The awakened pirate wants an egg. Jack Sparrow’s compass will lead you right to it. Upon getting it, deliver it to the pirate. Be reminded that the cook is now in your team.

Use the sword switch to drop cannonballs as well as hopping Lego bricks from the ceiling. To complete the pushable surface, construct the hopping bridge. By pushing the cage of explosives down the lane up to a hook, a pile of red hot Lego bricks will be revealed. Grab a bomb by running back to the left. Destroy the hammock holding a sleeping pirate. Switch to Scrum and play the banjo for the pirate who is a music lover. You will now have Garheng on your side. With his immense strength, Garheng can pull orange Lego handles. To find another pirate who wants an omelet, pull the cage doors of the cell. Run back and get the egg from the cook. Give the cook egg to pirate so that he will join you.

The hammer is with Salaman and you can use it with the glowing red Lego bricks. To find a pile of hopping Lego bricks, light the fuse with a torch. Build the pieces into a ladder for you to climb up. At the next deck, fight the enemy pirates and attack a gray barrel to the left. You will see that it is full of explosives so light the torch with a fuse. The explosion will destroy the bars so jump into a barrel and roll it through the bars. When you’re on the other side of the bars, pull on the orange handle. Roll the barrel into the roller mechanism at the background.

A skeleton holding a stick of dynamite will appear in the window when you move around the barrel roller mechanism. Detonate the explosives blocking the steps up by lighting another fuse with a torch. Go up and try to escape when the stairs are clear. Your attempt failed and now the cannons are shooting at you above the deck. Destroy the cannons by using the skulls from the skeletons around you.

A sword switch is at the bow of the ship. Attack the large Lego lamps attached in front of the ship until they fall down and explode into hopping bricks. Get the sword switch works again by constructing the bricks to complete the gears. To be able to ride the stream of water up, switch to Scrum and jump to the chain hanging from the mast. Climb the chain and you can grab a musket from a crow’s nest. Use the musket to shoot a target that holds a Lego platform. Time your jumps between red platforms as its wings. Shoot a small Lego crank on the third platform. Hopping blocks will drop into the deck when the crank is destroyed. Build the pieces into a grappling hook. Use Jack Sparrow to ride the hook up. When you use the sword switch, it activates a rope line. To bypass Blackbeard’s magic attacks, jump to the rope line.

Get a hold of Blackbeard’s golden crank by attacking the left end of the ship. Insert the crank to the crank mechanism then start it. Turn it until it lowered the captive minifigure to the ground. Attach his chains and free him to complete the level.


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