LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Fountain of Youth [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the On Stranger Tides ‘The Fountain of Youth’ level in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Let’s get started!

It’s just a matter of time before you reach the fountain of youth. Find a compass icon by cutting through the brush and use Jack Sparrow’s compass to search for a telescope. Search for the X by following the trail. You will need a shovel in digging up the treasure. Switch to Angelica and jump to the green pole. Use it to swing to the high ledge.

The shovel is with the skeletons so take it, jump down, and dig the treasure. Construct a telescope from hopping bricks by smashing the box. Deposit it into a green surface marked by a pointer. Using the telescope, look for something important. To find water, look down to the left and follow its course leading to the cave entrance. Run inside the cave until you see a large cobweb on the wall. Destroy it to get hopping bricks and build them into a cage behind a roller mechanism. Moving further down the cave, you will see a barrel. To raise a fire and light up the cave, roll it to the roller.

A compass icon can be found deeper into the cave. To find the gold-highlighted treasure, switch to Jack Sparrow. Dig up the treasure then build a lantern out of the blocks. Attach the gold wheel into the mechanism. By turning it, the lantern will raise up to light up the fountain. Look for a flower icon within the cave. Run into the foreground and avoid going to the left. To pull the chain and raise the remaining lantern, jump up with Angelica.

To ride the bubbles up into the chamber, return to the upside-down fountain. You will find Barbossa and yourself inside the fountain of youth chamber after the cut scene. An explosion will block your way as you move into the chamber. Use Jack Sparrow’s compass to look for the gold-highlighted box of explosives. After finding them, throw a bomb at the metal Lego bricks to find hopping blocks. Build a ladder with the blocks and climb it up to grab the mermaid statue. Drop it on dry land and look for two boxes at a pushable surface. To raise the bridge, push the right box in and push the next to the left to form a plank bridge. Grab the statue and cross the plank bridge.

Place the statue on the green surface and push it to the water stopping its flow. Swim to the foreground right from where you started and look for the high-lighted gold statue. Dig it up, build it, and push it into the water to stop the flow and drop a large pillar. Through the pillar, you can reach and run to Blackbeard.

Blackbeard will use magic. He will attack when you are hit with red energy because your control will be reversed. Fight him until he is stunned until the mermaid shows herself. Blackbeard will smack her cups as she appears. Get it back for the mermaid to help you. Dodge the energy blasts by running right to find the cup. Return it to Syrena for her to join you. Blackbeard will stop throwing energy and attack. Fight him until he is stunned then use Syrena to utilize the cup on unconscious Angelica. Blackbeard will start throwing energy again. Watch where he throws them and change direction. After two rounds, he will drop a box of bombs. Pick up one and peg Blackbeard to draw him out.

Use a sword-wielding character when he attacks. Fight him to stun him again and heal Angelica with Syrena’s cup. Blackbeard will get mad and turns into half skeleton. Blackbeard will use Lego hands and bombs to attack you. Dodge the attack and use the bomb to draw him up. Use sword to stun him and heal Angelica with Syrena’s cup. Finally, he will use three of his attacks. Wait for the bomb then peg him with an explosion to stun him. For one last time, use Syrena’s cup on Angelica to defeat him.


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