LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: White Cap Bay [Guide]


This guide will walk you through the On Stranger Tides ‘White Cap Bay’ level in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Let’s get started!

Normally on a desert island, treasure is the first thing you have to look for.  As Jack Sparrow, step onto the compass icon to search for the golden-highlighted box. Take a shovel off the skeleton nearby once you’ve found the box, then dig up the treasure.  Take the box after you smash the sandcastle, following your pointers to a green surface you can’t reach. But wait, set down the box for later.  In order to find the hopping Lego bricks attack the capsized black boat near the skeleton. On the floating device, build the bricks and push it down the lane into the water. Use the sword switch and cross over.  The bridge will raise, it time to get the green surface.  Go back to the Lego box and pick it up, you must carry it to the green surface over the bridge and narrow planks. Construct the hopping blocks by setting the box down on the green Lego. You’re not done yet for this.

Run along the coast, it is better use Angelica and finds a flower symbol. You must jump on the green pole and swing to the high ledge. To find the crank, follow the Lego studs. Turn it and pull the ladder up. Everything now is all together again. Move up along the stairs and open the orange handle but you should use Garheng’s strength to pull it. You will find a strange device inside the lighthouse. Move up to the second floor and to fuse use a nearby torch. There a red hot bricks on the first floor so you have to back there and select Salaman. His hammer can make the machine works. To completely fix the devise use the turnstyle push plate until it meets the yellow lines.

Go back to the second floor, light the fuse again and it will work. To activates a green pipes, move back down to the first floor and push the turnstlye. Another device on the second floor will activate after you turn the golden wheel to remove the stoppage.  Move back upstairs and light the newly active laser-emitter. It’s time for the last laser to activate and you need to do it now. Go back to the first floor and push the turnstyle until it reaches a third pipe. For the third device to activate, turn the wheel twice or until the blockage is stopped. Then, light the fuse with a torch. When the glass is active, look through it and try to find or search something important. Follow the mermaid on the right at the end of the dock. Move down the stairs and climb down the latter. It is important that you think of that crystal/glass enclosed Lego bricks? Move right along the ledge from the latter until you find a mermaid. Out of her screech will shatter a grappling hook for Jack Sparrow to use.

Destroy the mermaid, move left and then you will see another mermaid. You let her destroy the box of explosive on line. To ride the upper exterior of the lighthouse, use the grappling hook.  Up high, from the outside of the lighthouse you must turn the golden wheel in order to bring a box of explosives up. Take on the box and put it on the green surface. Run to the dock you started from and ride the boat to meet the band for the second box. You must take the explosives so jump onto their floating bandstand and take it. Use the boat and ride on it to go back to dry rocky land, and navigate the narrow planks in order to bring the box of explosive to the crane mechanism that pulled up the first box. To bring the second box up, use the grappling hook and turn the golden wheel two more time.

If the entire explosives are set, construct time and light the bombs with a nearby torch. Better make sure that explosion finishes the level and nets Blackbeard mermaid.


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